Electrical outlet covers child proof safety

Top 10 Best Child Proof Outlet Covers- (Ultimate Review and Buyer’s Guide)

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10 Best Child Proof Outlet CoversElectrical outlet covers child proof safety

One of the best ways of ensuring that your baby is safe from electrocution and/ or painful electrical shocks is by covering all your electrical sockets with baby proof outlet covers…and today, I want to talk about the 10 best child proof outlet covers

Saying that open electric receptacles are a hazard is an understatement- toddlers have even died from electrocution!

And since you cannot chain them so that they do not go exploring, the least you can do is have the idle holes sealed tight…

Nothing does this better than a child proof socket outlet cover.

And unless you have somehow shown him how to open child proof electrical outlets, you will finally experience peace of mind.

If you follow this guide, you will never have to complain about tamper proof outlets not working.

Coming up after the review is our comprehensive guide that you can follow when purchasing these safe electric receptacle covers.

We will also try to answer some of your tech questions like what is a duplex outlet?

Let’s do this:

Top 10 Best child proof outlet covers Review

As we always do, we hate the idea of you having to spend time going through all the hundreds of home depot outlet covers and their cousins only to end up with one of the fake tamper resistant socket covers

So, we have collected for you the safest, functional and most user-friendly 10 best child proof outlet covers

Let’s meet them:

But first, which are the best three covers?

Editor's Pick

Here are our top 3 best rated child proofing outlet covers
1. Safety Baby tamper proof outlet coversSafety Baby Self-Closing Outlet Covers, 3 PieceSelf-closing, easy to fix and stylish
2. LectraLock child proof outlet coverLectraLock - Baby Safety Electrical Outlet Cover-Duplex style
-Attractive design
3. Safety 1st covers for child proof electrical outletsSafety 1st Outlet Cover with Cord ShortenerCord can be rolled to shorten it

1. Safety 1st Baby Self-Closing Outlet Covers, 3 Piece

Safety Baby tamper proof outlet covers

This receptacle cover automatically slides into position as soon as you remove the plug from your socket.

It’s a pack of three, and you can also use them as permanent covers for all standard and even decor outlets.

They are simple to fix, so you don’t need to know how to use child proof outlets.


Dimension: 4.62” L x 3″ W

The Good

  • They shut instantly so there is zero chance of your kid getting hurt
  • Installation is hassle free
  • More durable than plastic covers
  • Matches perfectly with your interior décor
  • Very safe and functional
Not so Good

  • The included installation instructions are not very clear

To perfectly child proof corners and edges in your house, check our review of the Top 10 Best Baby Corner & Edge Safety Guards in 2018.

2. LectraLock – Baby Safety Electrical Outlet Cover – Duplex Style

LectraLock child proof outlet cover

If duplex style receptacles dominate your house, then you will obviously need a corresponding safety cover..

That could be the LectraLock baby safe plug cover- duplex…not only will it ensure that he doesn’t get a way through, it also ensures your outlets don’t fall from place anyhow as well as protecting them from being crushed when pressed by doors/furniture.


Dimensions: 4.88” H x 3.14” W x 3.31” D

The Good

  • Top, top quality
  • Bring extra beauty to your house
  • Uncomplicated installation- one screw only
  • Tough to move or break
  • More styles and colors to choose from
Not so Good

  • Due to their overall shape, they don’t work with all cables
  • Not the sturdiest

3. Safety 1st Outlet Cover with Cord Shortener

Safety 1st covers for child proof electrical outlets

Not many of 10 best babyproof outlet covers have a cord shortener, so we really love this. You see, a crucial step in securing your little one is reducing any excess cable as kids are very fond of playing with them.

Some parents have reported using tape only to be outwitted by their ever curious toddlers so, for us, the Safety 1st cover with cord shortener is a fascinating option.


Dimensions: 5.25″ H x 3.5″ W x 2.75″ D

The Good

  • Covers the whole outlet
  • Excellent built-in cord shortener
  • Their dual press design is super child-resistant
  • Child resistant dual press release
  • Inexpensive
Not so Good

  • If your outlet has screws on top and bottom, it won’t work unless you modify it

4.  Kole Imports Electrical Outlet Child-Proof Safety Covers

Kole Imports baby proof safety covers

If you are looking for the best way to childproof electrical outlets that is easy to pull out for you but gives your kid a very hard time, then you might hit the jackpot with this electrical outlet child-proof safety cover which is sold as an 18 covers pack.

They fit snugly on your standard receptacles and slides right in.


The Good

  • Installation is so easy and also quick
  • Snug fit
  • These slide smoothly
  • Look pretty neat
  • Very affordable
Not so Good

  • Clever kids can easily remove them
  • They are a bit thin

5.  ZizHome Universal Electric Outlet Cover – Self Closing Baby Proofing Kit

ZizHome universal self closing electrical baby proofing kit

If you are wondering how to hide cords on the floor using covers that are durably built and also designed in a way that counters your kids’ cheeky tricks to get around its safety controls, go for ZizHome.

This baby proof socket outlet is universally compatible with as many outlets as possible. It also has a smart self-closing design that blocks your baby from inserting anything into your plugs when idle.


Dimensions: 4.8” H x 3.6” W x 0.7” D

The Good

  • Looks presentable
  • Standardized fit
  • More efficient
  • Quick, effortless installation
  • Snug and tight
Not so Good

  • They cost a little more
  • You have to be careful since they won’t work if you over-tighten the screws

6. Wappa Baby Premium Quality Childproof Outlet Covers – VALUE PACK

Wappa Baby Premium Quality Childproof Outlet Covers

Made of high-end quality materials, these are oversized outlet covers with a premium touch.

They offer almost a 100% resistance and will send your back to the drawing board as soon as they come near them.

They meet highest safety standards and are one of the best electrical outlet covers child proof safety

Each pack has 50 covers


The Good

  • Long lasting!
  • Premium quality product
  • Fantastic deal for 50 covers
  • Fit perfectly
  • Hard to move
  • Covered by 90-day money back guarantee
Not so Good

  • Even adults can hardly open them so while they serve their purpose superbly but not that adult friendly

7. Safety Innovations Twin Door Outlet Box

Safety Innovations Twin Door baby proofing oversized outlet covers

The Twin Door Outlet box is one of the most innovative safety covers as far as keeping AC adapters, and electrical sockets out of children reach is concerned.

It has quality side-by-side doors and a two-button release which won’t open even under intense pressure from your small one.

The cover standard and Decora outlets and are one of the most thoughtful child proof electrical protectors.


Interior dimensions: 5.61” L x 3.28” W x 2.84” D

The Good

  • Hides plugs and adapters subtly
  • The Two button release is hard to comprehend for children.
  • Serves its purpose so well
  • For adults, housing easily opens
  • Installation is a breeze
Not so Good

  • Box is a little bulky
  • Works only for standard & square shaped plugs
  • Relatively pricey

8. ModaBebis Universal Extra Safe Self-Closing Socket Plugs Protector

ModaBebis BPA free universal self-closing child safety guard

Some of the tamper-proof outlets are made of unsafe materials and while they work, they could in themselves be a hazard to your infant

And that’s where the Universal Safety Guard socket protector beats even some of the very best electrical outlet covers

It’s BPA free and has a ultra-safe self-sliding design meaning you don’t have to worry about forgetting to close it- it will automatically slide shut.


Dimensions: 4.72” H x 2.97” W x 0.39” D

The Good

  • BPA free hence kids’ safe.
  • Attractive colors
  • Sturdy and very durable.
  • Entirely covers your electrical outlets.
  • Compatible with many types of outlet plugs
Not so Good

  • They are extra thick and can pop out if not fixed well

9. Dreambaby Child Proof Electrical Socket Cover Caps

Dreambaby baby safety protectors for electrical outlets

Unlike some of the afore-mentioned child proof outlets, these don’t hinder adjoining sockets so you can continue using them while it guards the idle openings.

The other thing we like about them is that they have a transparent surface so your playful little one won’t notice them.

Finally, they cover the outlets very well


The Good

  • Highly discreet
  • Waterproof cover for electrical outlets
  • Easier to mount and unplug for adults
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Pretty effective
  • Fits over different sized plugs
Not so Good

  • They are larger for some of the outlets so they might fall out.

10. Baby Mate White Child Safety Electrical Outlet Plugs

Baby Mate Child Proof Safety Plugs for Outlets

The baby mate white electrical outlet plug comes with an Easy “push-in” feature that allows for the quickest installation.

They are one of the few 5-star rated low profile plugs and sit flush against your outlets to reduce visibility.

Their neutral color blends naturally with any décor hence making them a favorite choice for restaurants, offices, stores, and even amusement parks.


Dimensions: 1.4” L x 1.1” W

The Good

  • Hard to grip
  • Opaque white- very hard to notice
  • Allows quick installation
  • Made from non-toxic BPA free plastic
  • Smooth rounded edges so your kid is protected from scratching
Not so Good

  • Quality product- no major fault

Child proof outlet cover buyer’s guide

As you can see at Know World Now, there are several electrical threats at home but finding the best tamper proof outlet cover shouldn’t be that tough…you just need to be familiar with the most important features in a safety cover…

Does it pop out?

Run away from covers which are too thick such that they don’t stick well to your socket…they are very dangerous as they might fall off in your absence exposing your kid to grave danger

Preferably, go for those that have a snug fit

How easy is it to move?

Every now and then, you will need to use an AC adaptor or plug in the TV. But you want it to stand tall against all your kids’ attempt at opening it.

This means its design should cut both ways- a breeze for you to move but terrible for your baby.


You will meet some nicely colored electrical outlets and covers which look very cool against your interior décor while others crash with your décor making the whole space ugly.

You may also meet transparent ones, for example, some of the popular home depot light switch covers

Needless to say, I prefer naturally blending colors/ décor or the clear ones (mainly because they are very hard to notice for the younger eyes)

Does it block the use of adjacent receptacles?

Some of the current covers have a very poor design such that they hinder access to neighboring sockets.

It’s advisable to ignore them.

Ease of installation

If it will force you to spend minutes on end on YouTube learning how to install it or you aren’t even making head or tail of the whole installation process, run…

You want something that you can install within minutes and in a hassle-free manner.

Durability/ reusability and sturdiness

Unless you want to keep pouring money into child proof outlet covers, go for covers which will work for longer and are more solid.


Most covers- including light switch safety covers are made to fit with different electric plugs- decora outlets, standard outlets, etc.

Others will need some modification to match with your socket..

I always confirm that it’s compatible with my type of electrical opens before buying..

Added features

Rather than struggling to try and know how to hide cords on the floor, I would happily pick a lighted outlet cover with extra features like a cord shortener.

Again, you may meet a very functional waterproof cover for electrical outlet..

What I am saying is that some have excellent bonus features which tip the scales in their favor.

Frequently asked questions(FAQs) 

How do I install kid proof outlet caps?

This depends on the design;

1.    Electrical outlet caps

Made of plastic, this plug caps directly into the electrical outlet. Their exposed front is 100% flat, so hard to grasp for your baby.

2.    Sliding Outlet Covers

Those with a self-closing cover or a sliding outlet cover will have a screw holding their existing cover plate.

To install, remove it and replace with the sliding cover

3.    Box Outlet Covers

These cover small or large plugs/adapters. To install, just plug them in.

This prevents your child from reaching the electrical socket.

Here’s a short video by Safety 1st 

How to remove child proof outlet covers

Again, this depends on their shape and overall construction.

In summary;

1.    Electrical caps

Just pull them from the receptacles openings

2.    Sliding Outlet Covers

Remove the screw at the central location

3.    Box Outlet Covers

For box outlet covers, it’s again straightforward- just unplug it.

Wrapping up

An excellent way to protect against electrical injuries is by covering all outlets. There are hundreds of options to choose from, but you need not go through all- our 10 best child proof outlet covers give you a head start.

All the same, ensure your cover is tight, functional, and tough to move (for babies), compatible and durable

That way, you will enjoy ultimate peace of mind.

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