10 Best Baby Mirrors for a Car with no Headrest (Read this before you buy)-2021

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The Best Baby Car Mirror no Headrest – Reviews and Buyers’ Guide

As you can readily agree, when traveling in your car, your baby’s safety is more important than anything else.

That’s why you do all it takes to make sure that your mini-you is as safe as you can perceive, and this involves finding the right car seat for him or her, the right apparel, and so on.

And you place him or her in the back seat, either facing forward or backward, depending on his or her age.

But here comes a question;

How do you monitor to ascertain that the child is fine throughout the journey?

Especially if you have no other adult company in the car?

The fact is that there are countless distractions when you are behind the wheel. And turning back to check on your baby is simply courting disaster.

This is where the best car seat mirror comes in. It reflects your baby’s image to the front mirror, enabling you to tell what is going on with your baby without the need to turn back.

Several reviews of baby car mirrors have been done, but most of these mirrors need to be strapped to the car seat headrest. What if your back seat has no headrest? Or the headrest is circumstantially inaccessible or inappropriate for this task?

Luckily, there is another type of baby car mirror no headrest specially made to attach to other parts of your car other than the backseat headrest, such as the rear windscreen or the sun shade visor.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into a review of the best baby car mirror no headrest.
Coming up after the review is a step by step process of how to install this type of baby car mirror.

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10 Best Baby Mirror for Car without Headrest- Review

But which are the best three of these mirrors?

Editor's Pick

1. IdeaPro baby car mirror for a car without a headrest in the backseat
Universal and adaptable
2. Yada BT53901F-2 4.3 inch tiny traveler digital baby camera for a car with no headrest
Combines a wireless camera and a digital screen
3. AUTOMIO convex and shatterproof baby car mirror, best baby car mirror for car without a headrest, best baby car mirror for the money
Clearest reflection and best budget baby car mirror
4. Deezio baby car mirror for car with no backseat headrest
Safest and strongest materials

1. Ideapro Universal Car Rear Seat View Mirror

IdeaPro baby car mirror for a car without a headrest in the backseat

Ideapro is a universal and adaptable rear facing baby car mirror, perfect for keeping an eye on your little one in the back seat, no matter your type of car or installation surface.

The Good

  • Wide angle convex shape and 360 degrees rotation
  • Does not get fogged or glare at night
  • Affordable price
Not so Good

  • Relatively small size
  • May break at high-impact

2. Yada BT53901F-2 Tiny Traveler Digital Wireless Baby Car Monitor

Yada BT53901F-2 4.3 Inch Tiny Traveler Digital Baby Car Monitor for cars with no headrest, trucks and SUVs. The camera transmits images to the monitor using wireless technology

The Good

  • Clear night vision
  • Flexible and convenient mounting for both the camera and monitor
  • 1 year money back warranty
  • 45 degree viewing angle
Not so Good

  • The plugs and cords don’t last for long
  • The screen brightness level is non-adjustable

3. AUTOMIO Shatterproof Baby Mirror, Adjustable Car Back Seat Mirror

AUTOMIO convex and shatterproof baby car mirror, best baby car mirror for car without a headrest, best baby car mirror for the money

Automio is one of the top rated quality baby car mirrors that have been made with your kid’s safety in mind. You can either attach it to your rear windshield or the sun visor clip.

The Good

  • Shatterproof acrylic material
  • Cheaper compared to glass mirrors
  • Easy to clean
  • 360 degree rotation
Not so Good

  • Its price is a bit higher

4. Deezio Baby Rear View Mirror

Engineered only from the safest and strongest materials, Deezio provides the best in class baby-to-driver viewing without the need to turn and face back while driving.

The Good

  • Shatterproof
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Affordable price
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Best for a wider rear view
  • Best travel mirror due to ruggedness
Not so Good

  • Relatively small size
  • Reflection is not magnified

5. CATUO Rear Facing Baby Car Mirror

CATUO Baby car mirror for rear facing baby in a car with no headrest

CATUO is an awesome baby backseat mirror that gives a perfect resolution such that from the image you might think you are right there with your baby. Your mini-you sees you back the same way and thus she will get less lonely and cry less.

The Good

  • Shatter proof plastic
  • Easy to fit
  • Incredibly affordable
  • Wide view
Not so Good

  • Curved surface makes objects appear smaller

6. CIPA 49606 Dual View Baby Mirror

CIPA 49606 Dual View Baby Mirror for car with no headrest

CIPA is a universal baby vehicle mirror, perfect for dual view, that is, either a rear facing or forward facing child in the car.

The Good

  • Compact design
  • Shatterproof acrylic plastic
  • Universal design
Not so Good

  • Objects appear closer than they are due to its curved surface
  • Baby car mirror has no remote and lights

7. Jonmon Tech Automotive Interior Rearview Baby Mirror

Automotive Interior Rearview Baby Car Mirror - a small child vehicle mirror for clipping on the sun visor. A rear facing back seat convex mirror for infants and toddlers

This mirror is like a monitor for your baby in the backseat. You just install it in a jiffy and it frees you from any anxiety about your child throughout the journey.

The Good

  • Shatter-proof safety
  • Universal applicability
  • Firm and stable installation
  • Wide and clear reflection
Not so Good

  • Objects appear closer than they are due to its curved surface

8. TedGem Baby Car Mirror

TedGem Baby Car Mirror with a suction cup for attaching to the windscreen

If you are looking for the best infant car mirror that’s lightweight and compact yet premium quality, then Tedgem is for you.

The Good

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Shatter resistant
  • 360 degree adjustability
  • One of the cheapest of all mirrors
Not so Good

  • Resolution may not be the best

9. CARA Rear View Baby Car Back Seat Mirror

CARA Rear View Baby Car Mirror for a Back Seat without a Headrest

Cara is a high-quality mirror with a simple design that ensures ease of use while guaranteeing safety.

The Good

  • Shatterproof
  • Easy but firm and stable installation
  • Incredibly affordable
Not so Good

  • It is a bit small in size
  • Baby car mirror has lights and music to entertain your baby
  • Resolution may not be the best available

10. Revolity Baby Car Monitor

RevoLity Universal Car Rear Seat Monitor for a car without headrests

Revolity is a universally adaptable baby car mirror that provides full view of your kid in the rear facing car seat.

The Good

  • Shatterproof acrylic plastic
  • Easy to fit
  • Cheap
Not so Good

  • Clip and suction cups wear out fast
  • Relatively small size

How do you install the suction cup and clip baby car seat mirror in your car?

Installing the suction cup

For this, you need the mirror, the suction cup with rolling ball, pieces of clean cloth and rubbing alcohol, and non-abrasive lubricant.

Clean the windscreen- Clean the windscreen with the piece of cloth wet with alcohol and wipe it dry with another dry piece of cloth.

Clean the suction cup- Clean the interior of the suction cup by rubbing alcohol and wipe it dry with a piece of cloth. Grit or dust in the suction cup may create air spaces causing it to pull off the windscreen. Therefore, repeat the cleaning and wiping process until you are satisfied that the surface is clean enough.

Moisten the suction cup-Apply moisture to the suction cup. Place a drop of non-abrasive lubricant such as skin oil in the suction cup and spread around. Moistening the suction cup has a number of benefits:

  1. A suction cup works well when the suction air is lukewarm and the lubricant helps to warm the suction cup. So if it is a chilly day, you need a lubricant that will warm the suction cup and won’t evaporate fast. Wild Birds Unlimited recommends rubbing some skin oil to your face and then rubbing it off your face and unto the suction cup.
  2. Lubrication reduces friction thus giving your suction cup a longer life.

Lock the suction cup in place- When you are content that the suction cup interior is moist and damp, open the lever and bring the suction cup to the part of the windscreen that you cleaned and press it. Make sure it is firmly in position. While still pressing, close the lever or lock latch back in place. Try to pull it and feel whether it is rigid enough.

Ensure that you install the suction cup higher up the windscreen because that way it allows visibility below it and it is easier to tilt it and attain a full view of your lil’ one in the car seat.

Fix the mirror and rotate it.-Take the mirror and press its socket on the back onto the rolling ball until it snaps into place.

Please check on this short video on how to install suction cups

Achieving the desired angle of view- Rotate the mirror to achieve your desired view of your baby.

However, this is easier said than done and it will require a lot reiteration to achieve the correct position. This may need you to sit on the driver’s seat as you normally do and check whether the mirror is in a position that provides the desired view. If not, go back to the back seat and repeat the process. An alternative would be to have a helper in the back seat who will keep on adjusting the best baby car mirror as you confirm the view at the driver’s seat.

Clipping on the sun visor

This method is mostly used when you have a forward facing toddler.

Pull down the sun visor.

Press to open the child auto mirror clip and attach it to the sun visor. Ensure that it is firmly fixed.

Press the car mirror socket onto the rolling ball until it snaps into position.

Adjust the mirror angle to achieve the required view.

Best Rear Facing Car Seat Mirror: FAQs

Safety concerns: do you really need a baby car mirror?

Safety concerns have been raised regarding the use of baby car mirrors.

Some people claim that these backseat mirrors can become projectiles during a car crash and hit either your child or another passenger.

Secondly, some users claim that they distract the driver.

Others claim that they reflect other vehicles’ headlights thus becoming a source of background glare.

But our countercharge is that all these are short sighted claims.

Let’s deconstruct these claims one by one:

1. There are so many objects in your car that could become projectiles in the event of an accident, and most of them are looser than the baby car mirror or they are entirely unfastened. These include water bottles, lunch box, toys, and so on. To confirm again, each of the baby car mirrors that we review is shatterproof and crash tested to ensure that it won’t fly off or break into fragments in case of a car crash.

And since they are adjustable through 360 degrees, if your baby is in one of the end seats, you can install the mirror in the middle position so that it won’t fly directly into him or her.

But of course, you should ensure that you don’t use a back seat mirror no headrest with a worn out suction cup or clip.

2. Here is the fact: the anxiety of not knowing whether your baby is choking or sleeping in her car seat is more  distracting than the ability to quickly glance into the kid car mirror reflection. The ability to glance into the mirror either puts you at ease or lets you know what action to take if there is a problem. After all, you always glance into the rear view mirrors to check the traffic behind you.

In addition, your munchkin is put at ease when she sees you smiling at her in the mirror. She knows that mummy or daddy is still with her.

3. To avoid the night glare, if your baby is in one of the end seats, install the mirror in the middle position and tilt it away from other vehicles’ headlights.

Can all baby car mirrors fit in any car?

The answer to this is a resounding No. The type of baby auto mirror that you can and should use for your vehicle at any one time will depend on some of the following factors;

The type of child car seat you are using- if your kid is in a forward facing child seat or booster seat, then you can use a rear facing baby mirror that you can clip over the interior rear view mirror or strap on the back of the front seat headrest.

However, if you kiddo is in a rear facing infant car seat, then you will need a pivoted baby car mirror that you can attach to the backseat headrest (if it’s available) and rotate to face the child while reflecting the image to the front overhead rear view mirror.

Availability and type of backseat headrest- you may find it impossible to strap your child vehicle mirror around a fixed headrest at the backseat and thus your car needs to have an adjustable rear headrest. If the rear headrest is fixed or unavailable, then you may need to use the best rear facing car seat mirror that attaches to other areas such as the sun visor, the interior rear view mirror or the rear windshield.

The type of mirror design- most baby car mirrors have straps for attaching to the headrest. Some others don’t have the straps and instead they have clips and/or suction cups for mounting on the sun visor or overhead rear facing mirror and the rear windscreen respectively.

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A curated list of the best baby car mirrors and child car monitors for a vehicle with no headrests
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