Why You Need a Portable Car Tire Inflator

Why You Need a Portable Car Tire Air Pumpa mobile tire inflator for auto tires

Driving your own car is one of the best conveniences ever.

But it comes at a price; responsibility over damages and other issues.

And this is the case when it comes to the vehicle tires.

Most people don’t know that the rubbers on road lose pressure all the time anywhere, whether the car is speeding on a highway or parked in a garage.

There are several causes of this loss, both distinct and subtle, and the best solution is taking precaution with the best portable air pump for car tires.

(i) Indistinct causes of car tire pressure loss

The usual causes of tire pressure loss include wear and tear due to aging, careless driving, and punctures.

Aside from the obvious reasons, there are a number of indiscernible sources of pressure drop. These include defective mounting of the tire leading to leakage at the tire bead, wear or failure of the valve stem, and temperature fluctuations.

You may never know when any of these is happening and the best thing is to regularly top up the tires and make up for the air leakage.

(ii) It makes you a safer driver

An under-inflated tire doesn’t hold on to the road making it difficult to brake, change lanes, negotiate a bend, and so on.

It also drags the car in its direction, leading to skidding. And the experience is grievous when the treads are worn out, on a slippery road or when the tires are hydroplaning in raining.

The best protection is a mobile tire inflator to regularly recharge the tire wherever you are.

(iii) It lengthens your auto tires’ life

Driving with an under-inflated tire exerts undue pressure on the outer ribs, leading them to wear out much faster.

On the other hand, an overinflated tire has only its center rib touching the ground, again eroding it in a short time.

Both cases mean you spend more money replacing the tire and this could be avoided if you regularly monitor the tire pressure.

why you need a portable car tire inflator

(iv) It saves on fuel consumption

A car with underinflated tires struggles to do the same amount of work as a vehicle with properly inflated tires and this makes it consume more fuel.

A 2 PSI pressure decrease in all the four tires reduces the vehicle’s fuel efficiency by 1-2%.

This inefficiency not only pinches your pocket but it also leads to more greenhouse gas emissions.

(v) You don’t have to wait or tip at the gas station

Maintaining the recommended tire pressure means that you have to regularly check into a gas station.

In most cases, you have to queue and the pump might fail when you are next in line.

And you also have to part with $1-$2 tips after each refill.

A portable tire inflator lets you inflate your tires at home so that you drive straight to your destination.

(vi) It can get you out of trouble

You can get a puncture out in the wild and stalling there can endanger your life.

A portable air compressor could at least let you recharge the tire and drag the car to the nearest assistance.

(vii) Multipurpose use

Besides the car tires, most mobile air pumps can recharge sports and boat kit, bike, air mattress and so on.

It is, therefore, a perfect companion for any outdoor event.

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