10 Best Baby Car Seat Footmuffs (MUST READ) for 2024

Top 10 Best Baby Car Seat Footmuffs for 2024

Maxi Cosi baby car seat footmuff
      A footmuff being fitted in a baby car seat

With winter in high gear, you know that your baby should be warm and as safe as any other time of the year.

And probably most of the clothes you are dressing him/her are puffy.

By now you must be aware that those puffy clothes and coats are a no-no when your baby is traveling in a baby car seat because they compromise the position and tension of the harness system.

So how do you keep your child warm and safe when traveling in a car on a chilly day?

Luckily, there are tons of lightweight garments that can keep your baby warm in the car seat while not interfering with the seat belt positioning.

In this post, we present to you footmuffs and car seat bunting bags, tapered and often quilted garments that fit over the car seat or stroller protecting your baby against cold, snow or rain.

With that out of the way, let’s go over the best baby car seat footmuffs for 2021.

10 best baby car seat footmuffs and bunting bags 

But which are the best three of all?

Editor's Pick

Here are our top 3 best baby car seat footmuffs
1. Bébéar Universal All Season Baby car seat footmuff
Lightweight and universally adaptable
2. Skip Hop Stroll & Go Infant and Toddler Automotive Car Seat Footmuff
Globally respected brand
3. Baby Bunting Autumn and Winter Fleece Baby Car Seat footmuff
All season and reversible
1. Bébéar Universal All Season Hoodie

Bébéar Universal All Season Baby car seat footmuff

Bébéar is a top rated lightweight but warm cover that you can use with all types of baby carriers and in all seasons.


The Good
  • Superior and lightweight quality
  • Universality and adjustability
  • Convenient zip design
  • Price friendly
Not so Good
  • The fabric is not breathable in hot weather
  • It is not machine washable
2. Rongbenyuan Baby Bunting Bag

Baby Bunting Autumn and Winter Baby Car Seat footmuff

Baby bunting arguably the best winter infant car seat cover, is an all-season reversible bunting bag designed to keep your baby cozy and safe while on the go throughout the year.


The Good
  • All season thus a single purchase suffices
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Convenient zip design
  • Adjustable hoodie and Velcro
Not so Good
  • Fit for 0-3 year-old kids only
3. Skip Hop Stroll & Go Car Seat Cover Bunting

Skip Hop Stroll & Go Infant and Toddler Automotive Car Seat Footmuff

Enjoy a toasty car travel with Skip Hop’s universal-fit and plush baby bunting suit. A globally recognized brand, this footmuff will wow you with its smart design and high functionality.


The Good
  • Elastic to universally fit all baby car seats
  • Cozy plush interior
  • Convenient access to your baby
  • Price friendly
Not so Good
  • Not suitable for hot weather
  • The zipper stitching is not sturdy enough
4. 7AM Enfant Baby Bunting Bag

7AM Enfant Blanket Extendable Baby Bunting Bag for car seats and strollers

The sleek and contemporary 7AM Enfant Baby Bunting Bag is the ideal outwear to keep your baby full body warm and dry, no matter the baby car seat you have or the age and size of your baby.


The Good
  • Premium quality fabric
  • Universally adaptable to all baby car seat and strollers
  • Adjustable to fit your baby from birth to preschool
  • Easy to maintain
Not so Good
  • It is not all season
  • Premium price
  • Too big for newborns
5. Eric Carle Infant Car Seat Footmuff

Eric Carle Infant Car Seat Bunting and Footmuff

Eric Carle is a colorful and adorable yet functional baby bunting bag snowsuit that gives your little one a warm, soft and comfortable feel in his/her car seat.


The Good
  • Quality, cozy and weather resistant material
  • Adorable and colorful design
  • Easy access to child and easy to clean
  • 5 point harness access
  • One of the cheap footmuffs for pushchairs, car seats and strollers
Not so Good
  • Not adapted to the hot weather
  • Does not fit older children
  • Zipper tears up fast
6. Fairy Baby Universal Baby Stoller Bag

Fairy Baby Universal Baby Footmuff for Stollers and Car seats

Fairy Baby is a weather resistant nylon footmuff optimized to provide your baby with all-weather protection.


The Good
  • Warm and weather resistant fabric
  • Easy access to your child
  • Friendly price
Not so Good
  • Appropriate for newborns only
  • Not suitable for machine washing
7. Quinny Maxi-Cosi Infant Car Seat Footmuff

Infant car seat footmuff by Maxi-Cosi

Quinny is a cute baby car seat footmuff unique to and crash tested with the Mico Infant baby bunting car seats.


The Good
  • Warm and cozy material and design
  • Crash tested
  • Easy access
  • Warranty
Not so Good
  • Unique to Mico Infant Car seats
  • Relatively pricey
8. Aurelius Baby Stroller Bunting Bag/Stroller Footmuff

Aurelius Universal Baby Bunting Bag

If you are one of those parents who love their infants to have a warm and cozy sleep as they ride, then Aurelius is the best baby snowsuit for you. It hugs your baby as you would in your laps giving him/her a sweet sleep and you the peace of mind.


The Good
  • Adjustable and adaptable design
  • Ease of access to baby
  • Warranty
  • Easy to clean
Not so Good
  • Not adapted for summer
  • Not machine washable
9. Coaballa Universal Baby Stroller Footmuff

Universal baby stroller and car seat footmuff by Coaballa

Coaballa is a highly functional footmuff guaranteed to keep your baby cozy in any type of carrier.


The Good
  • Adaptable to all seasons
  • Universal to all baby carriers
  • Breathable, lightweight and waterproof
Not so Good
  • Relatively pricey
10. Britax Cozytoe/Footmuff

Britax baby car seat and stroller footmuff

Britax footmuff is a premium quality cozy toe optimized to keep your baby warm and snug in his/her carrier.


The Good
  • Comfortable and snug design
  • Perfect harness accessibility
Not so Good
  • Not suited to baby car seats and strollers other than Britax

How to install a baby car seat footmuff

Here’s the naked truth:

A baby car seat footmuff only provides warmth and comfort and therefore, you may want to add a baby car head and neck support pillow to reinforce your baby’s undeveloped neck muscles that are unable to keep the head from flopping while on the move. There will thus be an extra step when this type of pillow is to be used with the footmuff.

(i) Using the footmuff with a baby car head and neck support pillow

Remove the Velcro pads covering the seat belts and slip out the head and neck support pillow from the baby car seat and the harness system.

Spread out the pillow on the baby car seat with the top part coming to the car seat head section and bring the harness straps through the provided slits.

Replace the head and neck support pillow on top of the footmuff and bring the harness through its slits as well.

Replace the Velcro pads on the harness straps.

Place your baby in the car seat and buckle the seat belt straps making sure that they are tight enough.

Zip and/or button up the footmuff depending on its design

(ii) Using the footmuff without a baby car head and neck support pillow

Remove the car seat belt Velcro pads and spread the footmuff on the baby car seat with its head part coinciding with the car seat head section.

Bring the seat belt straps through the provided slits on the footmuff and replace the Velcro pads.

Place your child in the car seat and buckle the harness straps again ensuring that they are taut enough

Zip and/or button up the footmuff to cover the baby.

Please have a look at this short baby bunting car seat installation video from Maxi-Cosi.

Bunting and footmuff buyer’s guide

Footmuffs come in different designs and have several uses, and you may want to consider the following factors before purchasing your footmuff or bunting bag.

(i) Footmuff features

Here’s a fact:

Footmuffs or cozytoes are needed in all kinds of outdoor baby carriers to protect your baby from the elements. They are needed in a pushchair, stroller, pram, jogger, swing, car seat and so on.

There are tons of footmuffs or bunting bags that can universally fit in all these types of carriers.

If you have other types of baby carriers besides the baby car seat, you may want to consider a universal footmuff so that you only make a single purchase.

(ii) Climatic compatibility

Different footmuffs provide different levels of heat control depending on the fabric used.

Wool stuffing and interior cotton lining provide more warmth and this is recommended if you are in a colder climate. The exterior may be waterproof synthetic fabric, such as polyester or nylon.

If you are in a warmer climate, you should go for a lighter, breathable fabric such as cotton only lining.

Finally, there are those footmuffs optimized for all season use, such as by having more breathable cotton instead of polyester and a detachable hood and foot pouch. This allows you to purchase only one footmuff for all year and all region use. A potential disadvantage is that it may not be warm enough when it’s too cold.

(iii) Safety

The sole purpose of having your baby in a baby car seat is safety and therefore, any additional item should not create any safety hazard.

Going by this, any footmuff or bunging bag that you intend to purchase should accommodate your baby carrier harness system. This means that if your carrier harness has two, three, four or five straps, then the footmuff should have the corresponding number of slits on it back part.

It would also be important to confirm with the manufacturer whether the footmuff is compatible with your type of baby carrier.

Finally, research to find out whether the product has had a safety recall.

The reassuring comfort of knowing that your child is safe and sound as you drive is worth this effort.

(v) Ease of use

It goes without saying that your best winter car seat cover should be easy to install, but more noteworthy is that it should allow easy access to your child once you have covered him/her in it.

The features to allow this include a detachable hood and foot pouch, as well as full-length zipper design.

(vi) Cost

Cost is an unavoidable constraint and it is always worthwhile to find a good footmuff within your budget. Luckily, by clicking on our reviewed footmuffs you will realize that there are good footmuffs and bunting bags ranging from as low as $20 to as high as $200.

(vii) Aesthetics

Depending on your taste and interests, you may want to go for a stylish footmuff or one that attracts your child. Additionally, most footmuffs come in a variety of colors and you may want to choose one that matches your car interior.

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