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Top 100 female car bloggers who rock the automobile world

Top Blog Awards by Motoring Essentials GuideIf you are looking for an idea about women’s influence in the automobile industry, then you are in the right place. Here is the list of top 100 female car bloggers who rock this male dominated world.

It is a fact that women are underserved and underrepresented in the automobile industry yet they make up the most important market segment.

62% of new car purchases in the US in 2017 were made by women and women influence more than 80% of household car purchases.

Service to women in the automobile industry is characterized by discrimination, sexualism and even exploitation!
For the ladies, whether you are a budding mechanic, prospective car owner or you want to get into the automobile business, following these women will encourage you to go for it, learn the ropes and exceed your dreams.

For their male counterparts, an empowered woman will lead to increased sales as she will not fear to make purchase decisions or visiting your auto clinic.

As you can agree, the list of female car bloggers and geeks worth their salt is growing by the day. But we did a vigorous task of separating the wheat from the chaff and present you with the best there is.

Without further discussion, here’s our list of Top 100 female car bloggers who rock the automobile world.

Top 100 female car bloggers 

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1. Patrice Banks

Patrice Banks founder of Girls Auto ClinicPassionate about equality and women empowerment in STEM, Patrice is pushing for women inclusion and recognition in the auto industry through her movement #sheCANic. She is also the founder of the girl’s blog Girls Auto Clinic.

Follow her on Twitter @girlsautoclinic.

2. Kristin Cline

Kristin Cline, founder of Grease GirlKristin fell in love with fixing classic cars after buying a 1955 Studebaker Champion, but she quickly felt lonely in the trade-there were no other women. This spurred her to start Grease Girl in order to try and rope in girls into the industry. She also writes for other fine sites such as MyRideisMe, Driving Line and Follow her on Twitter @grease_girl

3. Dara Kerr

Dara Kerr- senior CNET reporter Dara is a CNET staff reporter mostly interested in on-demand economy and technology such as Uber and Lyft. Articles include Here’s how your Uber is learning to drive and Uber says it will no longer track you once the ride ends.

Follow her on Twitter @darakerr

4. Amy Haywood

Amy Haywood of Zipcar.comAmy loves life for what it is and is passionate about relationships, health and wellness. Her diverse articles are written with passionate and love, as she says, in order to build relationships with and improve the lives of her readers.  Find her at Zipcar and Amy Christine. Follow her on Instagram @amy.haywood

5. Jody Standridge (& The Standridge Sisters)

The Standridge sisters of Standridge Auto PartsEach with more than 15 years’ experience and due diligence, the Standridge sisters have maintained and grown their dad’s heritage Standridge Auto Parts to incredible heights and have shown that it can be a girl’s thing. Find their awesome articles on their blog or follow them on Twitter  @StandridgeAuto


6. Corinne Iozzio 

Corinne Iozzio, Managing Editor of Popular ScienceCorinne is a Managing Editor of Popular Science, where she tests and reviews the latest tech gadgets. Her articles include New study: Humans may falter when taking control of self-driving cars. 

Follow her on Twitter @CorinneIOZO


7. Annie White

Annie White, Editor at Car and DriverAnnie is an Assistant Buyer’s Guide Editor at Car and Driver, a monthly automobile magazine. Though she is not car technician by profession, Annie has broad experience in writing, research and data analysis, which enables her to do very complex reviews of the latest releases from the major car brands such as Mercedes.

Follow Car and Driver on Twitter @CARandDRIVER

8. Alisa Priddle

Alisa Priddle of Motor TrendAlisa is a Detroit based editor of Motor Trend and has served similar roles at such diverse companies as Detroit News, Detroit Free Press, Car & Driver, Wards, and Sault Star.

Follow her on Twitter @alisapriddle


9. Elisa Artioli

Elisa Artioli of Lotus EliseElisa is the granddaughter of Romano Artioli. Romano was at one-time the owner of Bugatti and Lotus and he named the Lotus Elise after her granddaughter.  This association and the family history inspired her to start blogging about Bugatti and Lotus brands.

Follow her on Instagram @iamlotuselise

10. Kelly Pleskot

Kelly Pleskot of Motor TrendKelly had to learn about cars the hard way but her avid reading and superb writing skills have helped her study of anything about cars, from the types of fuels, self-driving cars, eco-friendly cars and much more. She blogs at Motor Trend because this is the best way she can share these ideas with you.

Follow her on Twitter @misspleskot

11. Kelsey Josund

Kesley Josund, Team Lead of The Stanford Solar Car ProjectKelsey, a student taking Master’s Degree in Computer Science at Stanford University, is the team lead of the Stanford Solar Car Project  an entirely student-run, not-for-profit initiative to promote environmentally sustainable technology. She contributes to the team her embedded code and telemetry knowledge, team coordination and financial management.  She is an avid writer and she has done most of the articles that you will find on their blog.

Follow her on Twitter @KelseyJosund or @SUSolarCar

12. Dr. Linda Siperstein (Dr. Sip) and Melissa McCue-McGrath

Dr. Linda Siperstein (Dr. Sip) and Melissa McCue of Car Talk blogDr. Sip Siperstein, a veterinarian at the Berkeley Dog and Cat Hospital in Berkeley, has been obsessed with animals since childhood and thus she would still do veterinary if she were to start over again.

Melissa is a certified dog trainer and has written the book, “Considerations for the City Dog,” a resource book for urban dog owners.

These two great minds are more interested in human-animal interaction especially in urban life which largely alludes to motoring, and that’s the reason for their contribution to Car Talk blog.

Follow them on Twitter @muttstuff or @CityDogBook

13. Tara Weingarten

Tara Weingarten founder of Vroom GirlsTara’s blog, Vroom Girls is an award winning automotive website targeting primarily female motorists. Tara is an internationally recognized and seasoned automotive journalist and besides Vroom Girls, her content appears in other top rated publications such as the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Esquire, and many others.

Follow her on Twitter @VroomGirls 

14. Kieran Lindsey

Kieran Lindsey author at Car Talk blogKieran’s interest and specialization is at the nexus of wildlife and motoring in a rapidly urbanizing world, specifically how to adapt motoring to wildlife and not the other way round. She blogs at Car Talk blog.

Follow her on Twitter @sidewalkzendo


15. Jay Ramey

Jay Ramey Associate Editor of AutoweekRamey is highly experienced in the automotive world and has made a career out of it as the Associate Editor of Autoweek.

Follow her on Twitter @AWJayRamey

16. Lyn Woodward

Lyn Woodward contributor at and Automobilemag.comLyn is a Los Angeles based automotive journalist and screenwriter. She contributes at and where she provides all kinds of automotive content and news targeting new and used car buyers as wells as car enthusiasts.

Follow Automobile Mag on Twitter @automobilemag

17. Ling Valentine

Ling Valentine of Ling CarsLing has defied serious odds such as being a Chinese immigrant in the UK, being a woman in the automobile and taking it head-on the big names in the industry to establish a successful car leasing and buying business in the UK that moved over £85,000,000 worth of new car sales in 2015 alone.  Her website is

Follow her on Twitter @LINGsCAR

18. Monique Hutson

Monique Hutson of kanetix.caHutson exploits her expertise is news-writing to research and give you the latest news, tips and ideas regarding motoring, especially in Toronto and Canada. She writes for

Follow her on Twitter @kanetix

19. Jennifer Geiger

Jennifer Geiger, Assistant Managing Editor-News at Jennifer, a certified child-safety seat installation technician is an avid car news reviewer where she is the Assistant Managing Editor-News. She is flexibly multi skilled and a former colleague compliments her thus “…her attention to detail, business savvy, and ability to manage enormous efforts serve us well”.

Follow on Twitter @carsdotcom

20. Mandy Turner

Mandy Turner of Turner is a road tester and podcast host at, Australia’s largest independent review site for new cars.

Follow her on Twitter @MandyTurnerCA

21. Tegan Lawson

Tegan Lawson, Lifestyle Editor at Lawson is a Lifestyle Editor at, Australia’s largest independent review site for new cars. Armed with a passion for motorsports and multiplatform media experience, she produces in-depth interviews and reviews that help readers make the best choice when buying a car.

Follow her on Twitter @TeganLawson 

22. Lesley Wimbush

Lesley Wimbush, Author at Driving.caLesley fell in love with cars as a child and her life has revolved around writing about cars stuff at

Follow her on Twitter @LeadfootLesley


23. Dana Henry

Dana Henry, Content Strategist, Traffic Safety StoreDana has channeled her wide experience in print and online publication to emerging technology and innovations and her content at Traffic Safety Store is excellent.

Follow Traffic Safety Store on Twitter @TrafSafetyStore


24. Jody DeVere

Jody DeVere, founder of Ask PattyJody grew up around cars thanks to her engineer dad and the automotive industry has been her passion ever since. She had for long been disturbed by the dearth of women in this industry and she therefore started Ask Patty as part of her effort to mentor and encourage women to take up their rightful share.

Follow her on Twitter @askpatty 

25. Debbie Mountford

Debbie MountFord, founder, MotorMistress UKDebbie is in to anything car related, including funding, management reviews and she excels at all. She writes Motor Mistress, a company that provides content writing and digital marketing solutions to automotive sites such as Cap Hpi and Car4Leasing. Her articles include Men buy cars from Mars, Women buy them from Venus, Top 5 Car Buyer Personalities, Car leasing and buying – 10 tricks to watch out for (first five)

Follow her on Twitter @MotorMistress

26. Kim Orlando

Kim Orlando, Founder of and TravelingDad.comFamily travel accrues rich and unforgettable family experiences and yet all organizational work revolves around the mom. Kim founded  to share experiences of picking destination spots, planning and all the what, where, who, when and how of family travel. She also founded and co-blogs at She Buys Cars with Scott Reiss 

Follow her on Twitter @travelingmoms

27. Carolyn Fortuna

Carolyn Fortuna, writer at,,  IDigItMedia.comCarolyn Fortuna, PhD, a native of Stafford Springs, CT, is a digital literacy and learning expert with special interests in environmental sustainability, sports culture, and English education. From Stafford Springs came her love for Formula One and she draws upon her professional skills to blog about sustainable car technologies such as electric vehicles. She writes for several blogs including and Cleantechnica. Her personal blog is

Follow her on Twitter @c4tuna31

28. Kathy Buckworth

Kathy Buckworth Aitomobile article author at Autofocus.caKathy’s profile is that of a super achiever. Award winning writing, public speaking and TV personality while raising four kids is just part of her portfolio. Enjoy her articles at or her personal blog

Follow her on Twitter @KathyBuckworth


29. Scotty Reiss

Scotty Reiss, founder of She Buys CarsWomen influence the purchase of almost all the cars, where it’s their own or the family car and Scotty’s brainchild She Buys Cars is an initiative for women to share their experiences of car purchase and ownership. She also writes for

Follow her on Twitter @SheBuysCars

30. Karen Smith

Karen is interested in the evolution of autonomous cars and she blogs at Connected Cars World Blog. Articles include A Quick Guide to The Evolution of Autonomous Cars Through the Years.

Follow KNect365 on Twitter @KNect365_TMT

31. Sara Näse

Sara Nase of www.getpalmd.comSara was born in Finland but has spent years in other countries so beautiful that she fell in love with road travelling. She shares her experiences at GETPALMD  in order to inspire others to embrace adventure.

Follow her on Twitter @getpalmd

32. Nabanita Singha Roy

NABANITA SINGHA ROY of Rush LaneNabanita’s experience in auto blogging is almost clocking a decade and her avid editing ensures that no automobile news is missed. Meet her at the Rush Lane.

Follow her on Twitter @NabanitaSRoy


33. Katie Kapro

Katie Kapro automobiles writer at Automoblog.netKatie Kapro (aka La Kapro) got the love for cars from her dad and though she is never good at tinkering with them, she is fascinated by and excels at writing about the world of automobiles.

She writes for and articles include The Evolution of Automotives: Part 3: Technological Advancement, The Evolution of Automotives: Part 1: Creative Engineering

Follow her on Twitter @kapro101

34. Lydia

Lydia is a motoring enthusiast and she keeps her readers up to date in this realm, such as the best brands, how-to, money saving tips and much more. She blogs at Tyreright



35. Anne Fleming

Anne Fleming, founder of Women DriversAnne is a Car Buying Advocate and founder women-drivers.comEverything has two sides, a male and female perspective, and the female perspective has for long been neglected in the automobile industry yet they make up an equally important market. Women-Drivers is Anne’s initiative to advocate for recognition of women needs by car dealers.

Follow her on Twitter @womendrivers

36. Sarah Marsh-Collings

Sarah Marsh-Collings, content creator at The Ultimate Finish UKBased in Buckingham, England, Sarah is a content creator and social media dabbler and she to have channeled these skills to car care and detailing, if her blogging is anything to go by. You can read her detailed car care and detailing guides at blog.

Follow her on Twitter @smarshcollings or @mybabelmonkey

37. Lauren Fix

Lauren Fix, founder of laurenfix.comFor Lauren, automobile stuff is her second nature and she has made immeasurable contribution to this industry. From road racing, TV talk shows and publishing, she has done it all. Her blog is

Follow her on Twitter @laurenfix


38. Paula aka “Pepper Girl”

Paula aka Pepper Girl, co-founder and contributor at FlatsixesSince her husband introduced her to Porsche, Paula fell hard in love with this brand and she makes a living working hard as the Editor-in-Chief of, a blog about the Porsche brand of cars.

Follow Flatsixes on Twitter @FlatSixes

39. Esperanza Poquiz

Her name in Spanish means “hope” and she truly hopes women will find a footing and recognition for their contribution to the automotive industry. She writes at to promote female involvement in the technical industry. Articles include Three Ladies Who Switched Gears in the Auto Industry, Get into Gear: Career Opportunities for Automotive Technicians.

Follow on Twitter @TidewaterTech

40. Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield

Nikki is the Editor-in-Chief and Founder Transport Evolved.  A master of multiple professions, Nikki writes to advocate for the green economy and to walk the talk, she has owned nothing short of an electric car for more than a decade.

Follow her Twitter @aminorjourney

41. Kate Walton-Elliott

Kate Walton-Elliott, writer at Transport Evolved and founder, Mostly lemon basedKate, Contributing Editor at Transport Evolved is an avid multitasker and passionate geek, initially skeptical but now a rabid advocate of electric cars. Her other blog is Mostly lemon based

Follow her on Twitter @pyoor


42. Sara Maghty

Sara develops car fuel economy guides at, a French all car news and guide blog.

Follow Autophare on Twitter @Autophare


43. Emily Birling

Emily Birling, writer for,

Is a UK based writer and editor who writes environmental and motoring topics, among others, passionate about promoting sustainable choices. She writes for and

Follow Cleanfleetreport on Twitter @cleanfleet

44. Emily Edwards, PhD

Emily Edwards-Managing Editor, Your Mechanic blogEmily is the Managing Editor of YourMechanic, a company started in 2012 to fill the void in the chaotic, frustrating yet expensive car repair and maintenance industry. A PhD graduate with a dozen books to boot, her interest is to see YourMechanic expand to all corners of the nation.

Follow on YourMechanic Twitter @yourmechanic

45. Katharine Morgan

Kathrine Morgan, writer for The Car Experts UKKatharine Morgan graduated from the University of Oxford in 2016 with a B.A. in Classics and it is incredible that she has exceled so fast in blogging about cars. But she is an expert in creative writing and that must be one of her strengths. She is a contributor to both The Car Expert UKand The Van Expert as well as their social media account manager.

Follow The Car Expert on Twitter @TheCarExpertUK

46. Caroline Ecklin

Caroline Ecklin, founder of ChicmotoCaroline’s blog is ChicMoto! where she strives to demystify the motoring world to women in order to boost their confidence and encourage them to take on the men.

Follow her on Twitter @chicmotocom or @CEcklin


47. Petrina Gentile

Petrina Gentile, writer for The Globe and Mail, Canadian AutodealerPetrina’s world revolves around cars and she is an award-winning journalist in this field.  She writes for The Globe and Mail,, Canadian Autodealer, appears in various Canadian TV shows and has published books such as “Big Trucks, Big Wheels,” and “Dirt Movers.”

Follow her in Twitter @PetrinaGentile

48. Rachael Everly

Rachael Everly, contributor at British American Auto Care blogRachael is on one hand a business and finance enthusiast and on the other a passionate blogger in the fashion and lifestyle industries. She is contributor at British American Auto Care blog, a company that provides auto service and repair in Columbia, MD. 

Follow her on Twitter @RachaelEverly

49. Jessy Asmus

Jessy Asmus, writer at Car Type blog and Süddeutsche ZeitungJessy is an avid writer and editor and works as a photo editor and illustrator for Süddeutsche Zeitung, a German Newspaper. Her articles also appear at Car Type, a website that features news, reviews, and just about anything related to cars.

Follow her on Instagram @jessyasmus

50. Pamela Induni

Pamela Induni, co-founder, Classic Automotive InnovationsPamela, the co-founder of Classic Automotive Innovations, has a technical background but she fell in love with classic cars while dating her husband. The couple is involved in various initiatives to encourage girls and the youth in general to take in careers in STEM, particularly automotive.

Follow her on Twitter @PamInduni

51. Geraldine Herbert

Geraldine Herbert. Contributing Editor and Motoring Columnist for the Sunday Independent, Ireland, editor for Wheels for WomenGeraldine is highly exposed in the automotive industry and she serves as a Contributing Editor and Motoring Columnist for the Sunday Independent, Ireland, editor for Wheels for Women and contribution to multimedia platforms.

Follow her on Twitter @GerHerbert1

52. Lorraine Sommerfeld

Lorraine Sommerfeld, founder, lorraineonline.caLorraine is a Canadian based blogger, columnist and TV show host, mostly centered around automobiles. The love of spending time with her dad made her grow around cars being fixed and she combines her witty play of words with this experience to develop award winning automobile content. Her blog is Lorraine Online

Follow her on Twitter @TweeetLorraine

53. Melanie Batenchuk

Melanie Batenchuk, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Be Car ChicMelanie is the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Be Car Chic. Her love for cars started the tender age of 10 and it led her to work in various facets of the auto industry, such as dealership, manufacturing and trade association (she served as a two term president of Washington Automotive Press Association (WAPA) . In 2009, she decided to combine this experience and her passion for writing and start the blog Be Car Chic where she would share automobile news and advice from her perspective.   Follow her on Twitter @CarChickMWB

54. Chelsea Sexton

Chelsea Sexton, blogger at evchelsChelsea is a seasoned motor geek hugely fascinated by and concerned by the low uptake of electric cars. She has been an advisor to several automobile companies and her work has been quoted across multimedia platforms. She blogs at evchels 

Follow her on Twitter @evchels

55. Fatima Taseer

Fatima, a graduate of Journalism and English Literature, channeled her passion and expertise in writing to the automotive world and her work is impressive, though it’s been sometime since she wrote.  She writes for Today Auto News 

Follow Today Auto News  on Twitter @TodaysAutoNews

56. Jean Jennings

Jean Jennings, founder, JeanKnowsCars.comJean Jennings has more than 30 years of experience with cars and with this she has written award winning feature articles as an editor of the automotive blog and as a former president and editor of the Automobile magazine.

Follow her on Twitter @JeanKnowsCars

57. Amelia Dalgaard

Amelia Dalgaard, owner of Motorhead MamaA friend urged Amelia Dalgaard (aka Motorhead Mama) to change her obsession with car photos/captions into writing and since 2011 she hasn’t looked back. She always produces authentic content which has seen her blog Motorhead Mama attract tens of thousands of followers on social media. It just shows if mummy can do it why not you?

Follow her on Twitter @MotorHeadMama

58. Jil McIntosh

Jil McIntosh, founder, WomanOnWheels.caJil never grew around cars but she has written about cars for more than three decades so much so that it has become second nature. Her invaluable content gets published on National Post,, Automotive News Canada, to mention but a few. Her blog is

Follow her on Twitter @JilMcIntosh

59. Khadija Arshad

Khadija is a prolific and versatile freelance writer with a 4-year wealth of experience writing in the field of cars. She writes for Autos Reign  and her articles include Happy Car Buying Experience for the Common Man, Nissan’s Continuously Variable Transmissions

Follow Autos Reign on Twitter @AutosReign

60. Suzanne Kane

Suzanne Kane writer for iSeeCars.comSuzanne has been an automotive writer for more than 30 years and her automotive roots go back through her family for several decades. She now covers the trending consumer, product news and other automobile related info for iSeeCars.

Follow her on Google+

61. Elena Luchian

Elena Luchian, Editor at Mercedes is a blog about the all-time popular Mercedes-Benz products and lifestyle and Elena is the perfect match for this niche. She has been around a Merc since she was eight and her journalism skills are being put into a superb use-writing about what she loves.

Follow her on Twitter @ElenaRoteanu

62. Megan Minard

Megan Minard, writer at Motor VersoMegan is an English literature graduate but she’s fast learning auto blogging and her content shows she will soon be a force to reckon with. She writes for Motor Verso and her articles include Mercedes AMG Concept – The New Super Sporty, McLaren Sports Series Set For Second Season Of Safety Hybrid.

Follow Motor Verso on Twitter @MotorVerso

63. Christa C. Hogan

Christa C. Hogan, writer at Advance Auto PartsChrista is a freelance writer and editor and for this she excels at anything on wheels, non-fiction, fantasy, among other interests. She writes for Advance Auto Parts.

Follow her on Twitter @christachogan


64. Juliet Potter

Juliet Potter, founder of, GirlPR, Mother Driven Juliet is the pioneer in the pack of female car bloggers, having launched as the world’s first female-only car website back in 2000. She has fought for women’s involvement and respect in this industry and has seen the industry grow from zero to where it is now. Her other sites include GirlPR and Mother Driven.

Follow her on Twitter @AutoChic

65. Wendy Feliu

Wendy Feliu, Co-owner and author at Auto SuperShieldAs the co-owner and author at Auto SuperShield, Wendy’s business is mainly car shield and paint protection and readers and customers alike do benefit immensely from her expertise. Her best articles include How to choose a new color for your car, Pro and Cons of Tinted Car Windows, among many others.

Follow on Auto SuperShield Twitter @AutoSuperShield

66. Shelia Dunn

ShelSheila Dunn, Communications Director, National Motorists Associationia is the Communications Director, National Motorists Association. Besides writing about motoring, she is interested in constitutional rights, entrepreneurship and volunteering. She loves reading and photography which helps her blogging.

Follow her on Twitter @Shelia_Dunn

67. Shilpa Chopra

Shilpa Chopra, writer at India Car NewsThe Indian automobile scene is still largely a man’s world but Shilpa has been able to find her way and command respect. She keeps on the front seat when it comes to the latest in two-wheelers and four-wheelers. She writes for India Car News.

Find her on Twitter @choprashilpa83

68. Emme Hall

Emme Hall, Editor / Roadshow, Mega Monkey MotorsportsEmme is a racing enthusiast more so interested in adrenaline packed desert races and following her keeps you up to date on things motoring and racing, some of which she has participated herself. She is a co-owner and writer Mega Monkey Motorsports™ .

Follow Mega Monkey Motorsports™ on Twitter @MMMotorsports

69. Hilary Green

Hilary Green, founder, Cars for GirlsHillary Green’s experience in the automobile industry is clocking 3 decades and Car for Girls is her initiative to keep women abreast of all the nitty-gritty in the automotive industry.

Follow her on Twitter @CarsForGirls


70. Lauren McCarthy

Lauren McCarthy founder of Lauren Wants to KnowLauren, through her blog Lauren Wants to Know, intends to change women’s attitude towards cars and proving that car ownership can be fun and not always excruciating.

Follow her on Twitter @laurenwnts2no


71. Linda Gray

Linda Gray, co-founder of Auto Upkeep blogLinda is an Engineer by profession and both her and her husband Mike started interacting with cars in their childhood. Their blog is named blog.autoupkeep and they have published an auto upkeep e-book that has sold over 100,000 copies.

Follow her on Twitter @AutoUpkeep

72. Cindy Buccieri

An avid tech savvy and multitasker, Cindy’s desire is to help others understand technology through easy to understand articles. She writes for Idaho Falls Auto and Diesel Repair



73. Eme Dichoso

Eme Dichoso, writer for Exotic Car ListEme is an author at Exotic Car List. She’s deeply exposed to all the major foreign luxury car brands such as Audi, Ferrari, Aston Martin, BMW, Bugatti, name them, and her reviews of their latest releases is very detailed.

Follow on Exotic Car List Twitter @ExoticCarList

74. Sally Dominguez

Sally Dominguez, founder,, ADVENTUROUS THINKINGSally is a multi-award winning innovation genius best known for her disruptive innovation and design thinking framework ADVENTUROUS THINKING. A go-getter who is never comfortable treading along familiar paths, she also reviews cars for, Fairfax media, Wheels magazine, among others.

Follow her on Twitter @SallydeMinx

75. Steph Savill

Steph Savill, Founder FOXY Lady Drivers An alpha woman befits Steph’s personality: she is troubled by the dearth of women in the motor industry and she won’t rest until their voice is heard. She is the founder FOXY Lady Drivers Blog.

Follow her on Twitter @foxysteph

76. Elayne Kling

Elayne Kling-DontGetWrenchedElayne operated an auto repair shop out of Manhattan for 25 years and always feels that women are discriminated and exploited in this industry. She therefore shares her knowledge to help them cope, whether they are customers or service providers. Her blog is Don’t Get Wrenched.


77. Caroline Kidd

Caroline Kidd, founder, Changing LanesCaroline has loved everything about cars since childhood and she started in 2014 to share this love with her readers. Her passionate articles do not betray this fact.

Follow her on Twitter @caroline_kidd


78. Stephanie Brinley

Stephanie Brinley, Senior Analyst at IHS AutomotiveMs. Stephanie Brinley is a Senior Analyst at IHS Automotive, covering North and South America. With more than 2 decades of automobile industry experience, Stephanie covers news, events, interviews, product research and reviews, and industry trend analysis.

Follow her on Twitter @SBrinley

79. Karen Johnston

Karen Johnston, co-founder, All About AutomotiveKaren has been in the automotive business since the inception of All About Automotive in the year 2000. Though she didn’t have a technical background, she has over time learnt all about cars and she combines this with her retail business experience to give excellent customer service. This is includes articles on All About Automotive blog that help you when searching for a car repair facility. Karen’s posts include: What Should I Expect From The Repair Facility That I Choose?, What Should I Be Looking For When Searching for A New Repair Facility?      Follow All About Automotive on Twitter @AllAboutAutoOR

80. Raisa Elizabeth Mathew

Raisa Elizabeth Mathew, Digital journalist, marketer, Photographer for Plug In India, Wheels Guru, geekmissRaisa is a digital geek and she shares this knowledge through writing and photography. Her work covers various interests such as digital and social media, marketing and technology. You can find her articles at Plug In India and Wheels Guru.

Follow her on Twitter @raisamathew


81. Emma Longhurst

Emma Longhurst, author at’s content is a work of elegance, always thoroughly researched and comprehensive. Her articles at include Car stunts: The good, the ad and the really ugly, How to get your car autumn ready.  

Follow her on Twitter @Emmaaaa_Louisa

82. Kirsty Tanner

Kirsty Tanner, writer at Gumtree and kirstygirl.comBased out of Tasmania, Australia, Kirsty is a gifted all-rounder interested in social media and all lifestyle topics. Her best articles at Gumtree include The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Car, How social media is helping road safety authorities. She also has a personal blog 

Follow her on Twitter @kirstygirl

83. Lauryn Corbett

Lauryn Corbett, author for for a motor insurer has exposed to Lauryn to the finer details of motoring and her classic content at is a testimony to this.

Find her on LinkedIn


84. Linda Steil

Linda Steil, contributor at Road Loans blogLinda first owned a car early into teenage and she fell in love with cars ever since. She is a contributor at RoadLoans blog and Chrysler Capital blog.

Follow Road Loans on Twitter @RoadLoans

85. Megan Corbin

Megan Corbin, author at The Test Drive BlogUnder her belt, Megan has 10 years of executive-level experience in the Automotive Industry and has worked with several brands including Barrett-Jackson, Borla Exhaust, Chevrolet, Goodyear, Mothers and Forza Motorsport. In 2016, she was a SEMA Council woman Candidate nominee thanks to her impressive work ethic and high performance in this industry.  Please find her articles on The Test Drive Blog

86. Megan Green

Megan Green, founder, ponycargirlMegan Green a.k.a Ponycargirl, is a professional automotive photojournalist based out New York City, currently blogging about dirt track racing at her blog Ponycargirl. She also writes for The Garage Blog.

Follow her on Twitter @ponycargirl and Instagram @ponycargirlnyc

87. Susan Leipziger

Susan Leipziger, Senior Copy righter at blog.tirebuyerCar tire is one of Susan ‘s main interests and she has absolutely perfected writing in this area, going by her awesome articles at

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88. Micaela Allen

Micaela Allen, co-founder, insurifyAs a creative go-getter while still schooling at Northeastern University, Micaela helped launch Insurify, an online platform that disrupted the car insurance industry by eliminating the loathsome paperwork and agents in auto insurance shopping. Micaela is the content developer and writer for the team.

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89. Jordyn Coppola

Jordyn Coppola, Marketing Design Intern at Protect My Car Jordyn is a Marketing Design Intern at Protect My Car, a company that provides vehicle service contracts and extended warranties whilst updating readers with exciting information from the world of cars.

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90. Agata ­Pietruszka

Agata Pietruszka founder of Petrol Head GirlFor Agata, the two worlds of architectural design and automotbiles shape her life and automotive is her greatest hobby. You can find her work on Behance and Instagram @petrolhead.girl


91. Jill Ciminillo

Jill Ciminillo, founder of Cardujour

Ciminillo is a prolific car photo blogger hugely obsessed with classic arrivals from the major brands such as Audi, Lexus, Ford, Chrysler, Tesla, Jaguar, among others. She is also very active on twitter where you will always find the very latest in the automotive industry. Her blog is a car photo blog.

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92. Leilani Münter

Leilani Münter, founder of Leilani.GreenThough she comes from a biology background, Leilani has taken over the car racing industry and is vehemently pushing for sustainable ways of living such as solar and electric cars. Her website is

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93. Shelby Livetsky

Shelby Livetsky, female car blogger at The mechanic doctorShelby believes what a boy can do a girl can do better (Get to read her article 10 Best Reasons Why You Should Hire a Female Mechanic Right Now and learn why) and wonders why few are willing to join her and rock this technical world. She blogs at The Mechanic Doctor

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Among other criteria, selection was based on the following:

  • Quality of content
  • Google search ranking and search traffic
  • Social media presence and popularity
  • Expert review

Let us know your thoughts and if there’s anyone you think should have made the list.

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