9 Best Rain Guards for Cars (TESTS DON’T LIE) in 2024

9 Best Rain Guards for Cars in 2024

Car window deflectors are one of those small and plain accessories in your car that you often overlook but the difference they make to your vehicle performance and even appearance is invaluable.

The best window visors keep rain, wind, sun glare, dust, and other elements out while allowing you to admit fresh air in to cool you and other occupants.

The cooling effect extends to your parked vehicle because the tinted rain and wind guard allows you to open a concealed crack in the window thus immensely saving on AC power consumption.

Last but no less important, the styled contour and smoke or chrome finish add to your car’s style and class.

Alter your vehicle’s aerodynamic profile and block rain from reaching your cabin by investing in one of the best rain guards for cars reviewed below.

Coming up after the review is an installation and buyer’s guide for these car accessories.

9 Best Rain Guards

But which are the best three?

Editor's Pick

Here are our top 3 best rated car rain guards
1. Auto Ventshade Chrome Ventvisor, Car Side Window Deflector, best side window deflectors, best side window sunshade
-High-quality and custom fit
-Easy to install

2. "Auto Ventshade 194056 In-Channel Ventvisor Window Deflector, car side window deflector, rain deflectors for car doors, best in channel window deflectors, best wind deflectors
-UV and scratch-resistant material
-Custom made for over 200 vehicle types
3. Rugged Ridge Smoked Acrylic Front and Rear Car Window Rain Guards, wind deflector for trucks roof, best window visors, best rain guards, best rain deflectors, best window rain guards
-Appealing smoke finish
-5-year limited warranty

1. Auto Vent Shade Chrome Best Vent Visors, Wind Deflector

Auto Ventshade Chrome Ventvisor, Car Side Window Deflector, best side window deflectors, best side window sunshade

AVS Chrome rain guard for cars is a precision-engineered vent visor that lets you maintain free air circulation in your vehicle whether it is raining or scorching hot while shielding your eyes from the direct sun rays.


<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Strong 3M adhesive tape
  • Beautiful chrome finish
  • Lifetime non-transferable warranty
  • Customers have rated them as the best vent visors for Silverado
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • Not the best rain guards for trucks
  • Relatively pricey

2. Auto Vent Shade Best In-Channel Vent Visors, Window Deflectors

"Auto Ventshade 194056 In-Channel Ventvisor Window Deflector, car side window deflector, rain deflectors for car doors, best in channel window deflectors, best wind deflectors

Whenever it’s sunny hot or in a rain generated fog, get the freedom to roll down your car windows without the irritating wind or messy rain rushing in by installing the high-grade Auto Ventshade best in channel window deflectors.


<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • It allows keeping your windshield cracked thus cooling the car interior when packed
  • Best vent visor brand for all vehicle types
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • Does not fit extended crew
  • Some customers have complained about poor packaging for shipping

3. Rugged Ridge Smoked Best Window Visors

Rugged Ridge Smoked Acrylic Front and Rear Car Window Rain Guards, wind deflector for trucks roof, best window visors, best rain guards, best rain deflectors, best window rain guards

Divert rain and wind away from rushing into your cabin through the window seams by installing these low profile rain deflectors for car windows from Rugged Ridge that boast a pedigree design yet they still leave your car with a stylish appeal.


<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Airtight fit
  • Stylish low profile look
  • 5-year warranty
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • Adhesive may be affected by erratic temperature changes
  • Relatively pricey


4. Stampede Chrome Tape-Onz Side Wind Deflector

Stampede 6194-8 Chrome Tape-On Car Side Window Deflector, car window rain guards, best rain guards for cars, best rain guards

Stampede Chrome are top rated rain deflectors for car doors designed to promote free air flow through the car interior while diverting the elements such as rain, wind, dust and direct sun.


<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Quality rain vents for car windows trusted by outdoor enthusiasts the world over
  • Price friendly
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • Some customers have expressed challenges getting an exact fit

5. AirSleek Window Rain Guards

AirSleek rain shield for car windows, side window deflectors, auto window deflectors, auto window rain guards, best car window deflectors, best window rain guards

Contemporary aerodynamic vehicle body designs with closely fitting doors and windshields no longer feature ‘rain gutters’ to deflect pouring rain. This means water will drip into the car interior whether you are outdoors or in traffic and AirSleek is the ultimate solution for this problem.


<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Made of shatterproof and rugged material
  • Price friendly
  • Best rain deflectors with 100% UV shield
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • Custom fit for Toyota Corolla model

6. Kust Auto Window Rain Guards

Kust yd314w Automotive Chrome rain deflectors for car windows, Window Deflector Fit for Crv Honda, best auto window rain guards

When rain finds its way into your car interior it can cause damage such as shorting electronic circuits yet the fully rolled up windshield gets fogged up. Kust car side mirror rain shield solves this dilemma by allowing you to open a crack in the window for air circulation while deflecting the tiniest ran drop.


<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Easy installation and adhesive does not leave residue on your car exterior
  • High-quality Chrome car window visor
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • Tape-on and not in-channel
  • Not very durable compared to other rain vents for car windows

7. Laprive Auto Side Window Deflectors

Laprive Auto Side Window Visors, Sun and Rain Guards, auto window deflectors, best auto window deflectors, best window vent shades

Shield your crew cab interior from the direct rain, wind, sun and dust with these high-quality and long lasting truck window rain shields that will withstand the rigors of the elements for the long haul.


<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Reinforced and long-lasting material
  • Works as a car sun shade, rain, wind and snow deflector
  • Easy installation
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • Does not fit in-channel
  • Mounting instructions not included

8. Auto Dynasty Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra Tape-On Window Visor

Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 1st Gen Extended Cab Tape-On Deflector Rain Guard, best rain guards for trucks, best window visors

Auto Dynasty wind deflectors for pickup trucks let you open an inch of your car windscreen and thus save on AC power for cooling the car when parked, as long as you are sure of its safety.


<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • Adds to the car’s style and class
  • Incredibly affordable
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • Compatible with Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra models and others with extended cab model only
  • Some customers have had a challenge finding the right fit

9. WeatherTech Custom Fit Front and Rear Side Window Deflectors

WeatherTech Custom Fit Front and Rear Side Wind Guards, best rain guards for cars

Rated Best sellers label for best vehicle weather guards on Amazon, WeatherTech low profile car window deflectors seamlessly fit your car window channels resulting in a smooth and sleek design.


<center>What Reviewers Like<center>

  • High-quality engineering and custom fit
  • Easy to install best in channel vent visors
  • Available in dark, light and clear smoke finish
  • 3-year warranty
<center>What they Don’t Like<center>

  • Rear visor requires adhesive

Are Side Window Deflectors Worth it?

-Car window deflectors line the frame of your car side and rear windows in an airtight manner that prevents sharp wind and rain from forcing their way into the car interior.

-They are also tinted and curved, enabling them to block direct sun glare from the side window.

They also help in cooling the car, whether you are on the highway or you have parked it, by solving the dilemma in the two scenarios.

  • When you are driving at a fast speed, opening the window sucks air into the car introducing aerodynamic drag that makes the car work harder and consume more gas. However, the wind and rain shade deflects the wind’s profile allowing you to open an inch of your windscreen for cooling without wind being sucked in.
  • When you’ve parked your car in the sun, you can open your window an inch or less for fresh air to circulate and the dark chrome or smoke tint conceals the opening. The role of this in preventing car heatstroke cannot be gainsaid

What are the effects of rain and wind?


When a stormy rain is pouring, opening your windows even a tiny slit for fresh air would soak your car seats, clothes and mats with the rainwater. What is even worse is that the percolating rainwater can short your car electronics such as the power locks and you can imagine the distress when you are out in the country.

However, when you completely roll up the windows to block rain, the warm and humid cabin air fogs up the windshield and it’s perilous to keep on wiping instead of concentrating on the road.

Rain stoppers for car windows solve this dilemma by diverting the rain storm and allowing you to open an inch of the side windshields and clear the fog.


Without deflecting the wind’s profile, the wind forcing into the window frame creates turbulence that is first discomforting to your eardrums and secondly, it carries with it dust into the cabin.

The gale force wind would also constantly whip your face and blows up your hairdo and makeup.

The faster the wind outside or the speedier you drive, the higher the wind noise, but the best wind deflectors would force the wind to flow over your car at any speed.

A buyer’s guide for the best rain guards for cars

(i) Dimensions

Avoid the frustration of ordering a car window deflector or mirror rain guard that won’t fit by carefully taking measurements of your target surface.

Measure the top width-this is distance across the window top, from one end to other.

Measure the longest height-this is vertical distance from the top of the window to the bottom, normally the middle height.

Measure the shortest height- this is the height from the window top corner to the bottom.

These dimensions will help determine the length and profile of the car window when ordering the deflector.

However, the best rain guard would be a custom fit for your car model.

(ii) Climatic region

The best vent visor for your car will also depend on where you frequently drive. For instance, if you live in sunny Texas, you will need a dark or smoke tinted defector that in addition to allowing a window crack, will absorb or deflect as much sun glare as possible.

(iii) On-road vs off-road

If you are an on-road driver, definitely your car is exposed to fewer elements and therefore you can go for a softer material as long as it suits your style and budget.

For an off-road enthusiast, the car suffers tree and rock scratches, extreme heat or rain, gale wind, mud, dust and so on. You will, therefore, need a rugged vent visor that will withstand all this pressure and survive, preferably high-grade acrylic or ABS.

(iv) Ease of installation

In-channel car window guards take a shorter time to snap in than the at least 30 minutes required to clean, peel, stick, heat and cure tape-on visors. In-channel visors are also easier when you are thinking about how to remove rain guards.

You would want to consider the time factor if you are in a hurry.

(v) Preferred Style and finish

Your car’s class and style have pinched your pocket and therefore, a simple vent visor shouldn’t come to pull this effort back. Whether it is the custom fit and stylish look or the chrome finish that wish to add to your vehicle outlook, go for the best rain guards for cars.

Installation-How to put on rain guards

First off, there are two types of car wind and rain guards depending on the mode of installation;

In-channel window deflectors

These are installed by securely inserting into your car window channel and no adhesive is required.

Installing in channel rain guards

-Make sure the in-channel vent visor is the right fit for your car window, including dimensions and contour. You also get an idea of the right window for each pair of deflectors and exactly where it is going to slide into your window channel.

-Take the alcohol pad included with your kit and clean the area inside the window channel to remove dirt and debris. Thoroughly cleaning ensures that the vent guard tightly adheres to the surface giving you years of performance.

-Starting with the front window guard, peel the adhesive backing and place the end furthest from the mirror into the window channel first. Gently flex the product to fix the opposite end into the channel. Once in, the full product length will be in the channel.

-Gently move the side window deflector up and press firmly against the rubber seal until you get a good tight fit.

-Carefully raise the window to confirm that there is no obstruction.

-Repeat the procedure for the other side and rear window guards.

Please follow this short video

Tape-on window deflectors

These are mounted on the car window top exterior frame using automotive-grade mounting adhesive.

Here’s the installation procedure:

Surface preparation

-A dirty mounting surface can cause the adhesive to fail. Thus clean the top exterior window and door frame thoroughly with a microfiber terry cloth and window cleaner to clear any dirt, dust, grime.

-Observe and feel the surface with your finger if there is any residue such as grime or tree sap left. Clean it with acetone or any other adhesive remover.

-If the adhesive remover is used, re-clean the frame with a glass cleaner

-Leave the surface to dry before mounting.


-Test fit each vent visor to ensure that it is for the correct side and the right fit.

-If you have a hairdryer, pre-heat the installation surface to a lukewarm temperature range or about 120˚ F if you have a heat gun.

-Peel off the 3M pre-applied mounting tape from the rain shield and stick it to one end of the side or rear window frame. Press it down firmly with one thumb and run your other thumb along the edge to carefully stick the visor while removing air gaps.

-For the rear view mirror, carefully stick the visor along the edge of the mirror in the same manner.

-Hold the guard in position with your two hands for a minute or two for the glue to adhere and prevent air gaps.

-Reheat this installation edge to a lukewarm temperature to promote curing and firm adhering of the glue.

Please have a look at this short video


The best rain guards for cars alter your vehicle’s aerodynamic profile and block dust, rain, and wind from reaching your cabin. Investing in one of the rain guards for cars reviewed above and say goodbye to the elements.

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