Top 10 Best Paintball Guns for the Money (MUST READ before you buy) in 2024

The best paintball guns under 200, best paintball marker

Paintball is growing in popularity, buoyed by several benefits of the game such as full body workout, improved muscle strength, focus and endurance, stress relief, and team building. But as the sport spreads, so is the number of paintball gun and accessory manufactures rushing to cash in on the growing market. Some of the paintball …

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Top 7 Best Bolt Cutters for Master Locks (Hightech choices) in 2024

Illustration of how to use the best bolt cutters for locks, how to use bolt cutters

If you’ve lost your padlock keys or master lock code, then you’re in the right place. We tested and analyzed 25 bolt cutters to present you the best bolt cutters for master locks in 2022.

Top 10 Best Locks for Gym Lockers (Hightech choices) in 2024

A lock for gym locker-best gym lock, Best Sellers in Combination Locks. It is always distressing to return to your gym locker, panting under the heat of a strenuous workout only to find you’ll have to go home in your gym gear or track suit. Check out our review of the best locks for gym lockers that will save you this mess.

The best lock for gym lockers will prevent someone from breaking in and stealing valuables from your gym locker. You can finally relax and feel that your valuables are secure when you get yourself one of the gym padlocks from our review.

Top 5 Best Long Range Paintball Gun (READ this before you buy) in 2024

A man playing long distance paintball game using the best long range paintball gun

If you are a long range paintball player and you have been wasting shots with guns that can’t reach 150 feet, then you are in the right place. Short and mid-range paintball markers lose accuracy over 100 feet and even then the ball may just bump on your target instead of breaking on it. With …

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Top 10 Best Locks for Storage Units (TEST DON’T LIE) in 2024

A set of storage lockers

Top 10 Best Locks for Storage Units in 2024 Your storage locker might be holding items that you highly value, such as merchandise, jewelry, and even cash. Their loss would set you back several years of hard work but with a good lock, this shouldn’t happen. The best padlocks for storage units are largely contextual, …

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Different Types of Padlocks

A lock with discus shackle

Padlocks are made in different shapes, sizes and other properties depending on the security level desired, convenience and adaptability to the weather. However, whatever the design, all locks have three components; the body, shackle and locking mechanism. Here are the main types of padlocks depending on design of the shackle;   (i) Closed shackle In …

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Factors to consider when choosing a padlock

Keyed alike padlocks for multiple users

Factors to consider when choosing a padlock Selecting the right padlock for your needs is not all about cost, class, and style. Unlike a decade or two ago, they are now so many different types of locks that you can get spoilt for choice and forget your target application. These include weatherproof padlocks, combination locks, …

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