Different types of face washes for men

Types of Face Wash for Men

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Types of Face Wash for MenDifferent types of face washes for men

The first step towards a clean and healthy skin is knowing the different types of face wash available.

That’s because you may have to use a combination of products to achieve a balanced skin (i.e. a clear, young-faced, and normal skin)

So, which are these types of face wash for men and how do we use them?

You will learn all these plus more in this post.

Skincare is a Journey

Proper skincare is usually a journey…with several landmark processes along the way.

For one, you need to make sure that your face is sparkling clean so removing dirt and cleansing is a must.

Then you need to ensure it’s properly hydrated.

You may also need to tone up so as to remove oil and other residues

And perhaps protect your skin against hazards such as the sun.

What you need

To succeed in this journey, you need be familiar with the specific products and of course, use them well

Let’s look at them:

  • Face Cleanser

Cleansing removes excess oil, sweat, dirt plus dead skin cells. It also refreshes your skin on top of giving your complexion room to breathe.

Now, a face cleanser is the facial care product targeted at removing all these and other pollutants from your face.

If you have been exposed to heavy dust and more elements, use a cleanser before applying a face wash.

The best thing about a cleanser is that since it’s not a foaming liquid, you don’t have to wash it out.

Plus it’s moisturizing and hydrating

  • Face Wash

A face wash is simply a foaming cleanser and its job is to clear deep-lying debris and clean pores

Because of its foaming property, it’s considered more of soap.

The best face washes for men are a bit harsher (compared to pure cleansers) and will thoroughly clean.

In the end, you feel cleaner and refreshed.

  • Face Scrub

Facial scrubs are another essential component of a healthy skin care routine.

In essence, a face scrub is a cream-based skincare product with tiny exfoliating pieces and is normally massaged across your skin to help smoothen it- by physically lifting any dry/dead skin cells.

It also happens to be one of the oldest skin care products

  • Face toner

This is a type of a lotion used to cleanse the skin and shrink pores on your face. You can apply a toner to your skin in various ways:

  • Using a damp cotton wool. (Most common method.)
  • Spraying onto your face.
  • By employing a tonic gauze face mask

Remember to apply a moisturizer after your face toner has dried.

  • Face moisturizer

A moisturizer is a complex mixture of various chemical agents and helps to hold water in your skin after application.

It also attracts moisture and smoothens your skin.

As a result, a face moisturizer makes the outside of your facial skin soft and more pliable.

And by reducing evaporation, they boost your skin’s hydration (water content).


For your skin to achieve the brilliance you’ve always wanted, knowing the different types of face wash for men will be paramount.

Thanks to this post, you can now differentiate between a face wash, a facial cleanser, a face toner, a moisturizer, and even a face scrub.

Please have a look at this short video on Tips to choose best facewash for men

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