Types of Car Air Purification Methods

As the coronavirus pandemic wreaks havoc around us, it’s important for each one of us to do whatever they can to cut down the risk of more transmissions of the novel virus.

Based on what medics and researchers currently know about COVID-19 pandemic, the person-to-person spreading of this virus happens much more commonly via respiratory droplets.

As such, purifying the air you breathe with the right systems can provide lasting protection again COVID-19 and related viral respiratory illnesses.

This guide introduces you to the types of car air purification methods that can help cleanse contaminants and improve the quality of the air you’re breathing while driving.

It is still unclear how long the potentially infectious droplets survive in the air so you want to have your air purification system running throughout your trip.

Types of car air purification methods

Use the following techniques to disinfect the air in your car and stay safe while spending time on the road.

i) Ultraviolet car purification

We also recommend that you consider sanitizing all the parts – car door handles, steering wheel, seats, sun visor, the console, etc., with the best UV sterilizer for car before you take that essential trip.

A UV light car air purification system often brings together a UV interior lamp and filters such as HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, and more.

This helps in amplifying both the removal of solid particles from the air and killing of germs, mold, and fungi spores.

What’s more, these high-tech car purifiers interfere with the ability of savage bacteria and other microorganisms to reproduce by destroying the genetic material that is responsible for the reproduction.

As a result, bringing a car UV light air purifier with you during your unavoidable shopping trip will keep you and loved ones safe from these disease harboring germs.

A portable car UV sterilizer

ii) HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter

Research has shown that many respiratory viruses are less than 1/10th the width of human hair.

Their minute nature makes them difficult to clean with ordinary air purifiers.

The good news is that the super-effective HEPA filtration system captures at least 99.99% of these unseen particles and will help you breathe only healthy air while stuck in traffic.

So, how do they function?

Well, HEPA car air purifier equipment works by passing air through tiny filters.

These small but extremely efficient filters gather dust particles and many other lethal airborne impurities as air passes through the purifier.

Additionally, these virus-slaying air purifiers have a characteristic that picks injurious dust, smoke, and other contaminants from the air circulating in your vehicle.

There are more gains that you can experience with HEPA system purifiers.

For instance, it‘s good for removing odors thanks to the activated carbon function in most of them.

Plus, you can add essential oil to these types of filters creating a refreshing and romantic aromatherapy environment in your car.

In most cases, you will be required to replace the filter once in a while, depending on how long you run your car and also on the size of your automobile.

The diagram of a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration system

iii) Ozone car air purification method

You don’t want to take chances in these trying times and the use of ozone generators in your car can help you add an extra layer of protection as you travel.

For starters, Ozone generators produce ozone that attaches to airborne substances destroying their chemical composition.

Ozone generators are ultimately helpful in removing pungent smells, eradicating the disturbing smell of smoke and also destroying the mildew, certain infectious virus varieties, and spores.

For the most part, ozone generators rarely come as standalones and are part of HEPA/Ionic car air purifiers.

However, studies have revealed that ozone generators, even when used properly, can emit potentially hazardous levels of ozone when used indoors.

Needless to say, this is a huge can of worms.

On a positive note, many of the low level ozone generators in the market today are largely safe.

Ozone gas generating machine

iv) Ionic car air purifiers

As opposed to ozone generators and even HEPA car air purifiers, Ionizers work quite differently.

To be specific, ionic air purifiers discharge electrically charged ions that fix themselves to particles inside your car and this makes them too bulky to remain floating around.

Thus, they eventually come tumbling down and die on the carpet of your car.

This purification method has another nice benefit: Ionizers work fast to get rid of strange smells and are a quick fix when you need your car smelling as good as new.

Conveniently, Ionizers that have been designed for use in cars are normally easy to use gadgets that you plug into your dashboard socket.

An ionic purifier for a vehicle

v) Use of disinfectants

Disinfection of surfaces is another best practice measure for control of the marauding COVID-19 and such viral respiratory ailments in community settings.

For this reason, consider cleaning the car thoroughly with the right disinfectants a few hours before using the car.

Here are some of the most dependable chemicals-based products for your car interiors:

  • Baking soda solution: This is wonderful and will do away with most undesirable micro-organisms including harmful bacteria, viruses, and other germs from the car seats.
  • Alcohol-based cleaners: The CDC has mentioned that products containing at least 70% alcohol such as isopropyl alcohol are quite effective against the coronavirus.
  • Surfactants:These do kill some viruses and bacteria breeds by disrupting their biological membranes and could also be helpful.

What not to use

We strongly discourage you to stay away from chemicals such as bleach and hydrogen peroxide because they generally cause irreparable destruction to your vinyl and other plastics despite their undoubted effectiveness.

Also, avoid using products that contain ammonia for the same reason.

Lastly, in case you find yourself short of adequate cleaning products, soap and water will work magnificently.

Final thoughts

Nobody knows how this will end but implementing what we know can go a long way in keeping you and your family safe from the rapidly spreading coronavirus (Covid-19).

A superior quality car air purifier will help as does cleaning and disinfecting your car using the right solutions.

The other essential in reducing the risk of getting the Covid-19 virus is regularly washing hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer.

It’s these small steps that could, in the end, prove so magical.

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