Types of Winter Tires

Types of winter tires, types of snow tires. Types of winter tires for snow, best wet traction tires, best rated snow tires

Snow tires, popularly also known as winter tires, have better capability on ice or snow than all other types of tires because of their chunky treads, specialized shoulder blocks, and additional siping (thin slits). All these (and others) increase traction and restrain hydroplaning (thanks to the effective water ejection) making you safe when behind the wheel …

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Top 11 Best Undercoating to Prevent Rust (TESTS DON’T LIE) in 2021

Best undercoating reviews. A reviewed list of the best undercoating to prevent rust, best rust prevention spray for cars, best rust converter for car, best undercoating for cars

Rust. Every car or truck owner’s worst nightmare. But can you really get the better of corrosion? Well, to be honest, this is one hard battle you might have to wage as long you own the four wheels and the first step to avoiding corrosion is slowing down rust. Sure, measures like washing your vehicle …

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11 Best Tire Dressing to Prevent Dry Rot (Our #2 Pick Will Surprise You)

Best Tire Dressing Reviews. A reviewed list of the best tire dressing to prevent dry rot, best tire protectant uv, best water based tire dressing.

Dry rot is a tire’s worst enemy: it slowly ruins your car tires- no matter how expensive they’re- and may lead to premature cracking or a blowout. Now, some of the major causes of sidewall weathering are grounding a car for long, high temperatures, and low tire pressure. Whatever the trigger, it’s always good practice …

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Types of Tire Pressure Monitoring systems

two types of tire pressure monitoring systems. Direct TPMS and indirect TPMS

A tire pressure monitoring system is an essential electronic system that basically measures the air pressure of the tires. The sensor takes the readings then transmits the information to the computer system of the car which triggers the indicator light on the dashboard. It will inform you if any of the tire’s air pressure has …

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Benefits of a baby car mirror

benefits of a child auto mirror, baby mirror no headrest

Benefits of a baby car mirror Baby car mirrors are designed in a manner that they allow parent drivers to see their kids when traveling from the rear-facing auto seat. Securing a shutter-proof reflective surface to the back headrest will enable you to check on your baby by glancing on your rear-view mirror. Below are …

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Benefits of a car seat protector

An automobile back seat with the best car seat protector

Benefits of a car seat protector As a motorist, an auto seat cover is a must-have item if you want your baby to have a safe and comfortable ride in his or her baby car seat. Contrary to the opinions in some backwater forums, the benefits of a car seat mat far outweigh these allegations …

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Child left in car- How to prevent child heatstroke in cars

As a family man or woman, one of the best conveniences is having a car. You can be able to drop your children at their school before heading to work, take the family out on weekends, and the car also comes to your rescue during some emergencies at home. But did you know that your …

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Top 11 Best Battery Tender for Car Storage (TESTED $ TRUSTED) in 2021

A review of the best battery tender for car storage, best battery tender for car, best car battery maintainer

I know you know the frustration of trying to wake a flat battery especially when you had grounded your car through winter or summer. A jump starter might help you but the fact is that you might have to replace a dead battery. Ensure that you never experience this again by getting one of the …

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10 Best Baby Corner and Edge Safety Guards (Top Secrets) in 2021

A baby leaning on a table fitted with furniture babyproof corner safety protector, Best Furniture Corner Protectors

Top 10 Best Baby Corner & Edge Safety Guards As a parent of an infant, you are always happy when the baby starts to crawl, learns to stand by holding on items in the house and before you know it, he/she is wandering in the house. Tracking the playing and exploring toddler becomes a hassle …

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Top 9 Best UV Sterilizer for Your Car (Keep Safe from COVID) in 2021

A reviewed list of the best UV sanitizer for car, best portable UV disinfection lamp, best virus killer, best UV sterilizer, best UV sanitizer

The current pandemic has shaken our lives to the core and we can’t wait to wake up from the nightmare. It’s not a story worth retelling (in fact I wish I could reset 2020), but I have thought about how we can keep our cars and other stuff free from germs, bacteria and viruses while …

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