Tips for Finding the Right Fuel Card for your Fleet Fueling Requirements

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Did you know that with a fuel discount card you can save around a thousand dollar every year? With a discount card, this saving can be availed by anyone, including the fleet owner, start-ups, and moderate scale business ventures where the fuel consumption tends to go overboard.
However, there are several vital considerations that you need to keep in mind before investing in a fuel card. In the following post, our experts have compiled a list of all the essential tips that will enable you to search and find the right fleet gas card for your fuelling requirements. For more information, check out the Speedway Fleet Gas Card and their offers and benefits.

Choosing the right fleet gas card

Usually, fleet owners and the venture investors get the deal done with their personal or official credit cards for buying fleet fuel in bulk. Credit cards are readily available and acceptable globally, but there is a catch. With the use of credit cards for purchasing fuel, you are essentially paying more than you are required. This is usually around 5 cents per gallon of fuel. Now add to it the interest fees for using credit cards, and you get the idea. This is where choosing the right fuel card becomes vital.

Why fuel cards?

Fuel cards are similar to the credit cards, which replaces the cash-based option for buying fuel in bulk. You can avail various offers that include discount pricing on per gallon of fuel at selected truck stops and refueling stations all over the United States of America. If you are lucky, your card will also provide for low base pricing on fuel at selected pumps. This is a win-win scenario for the fleet owner as fuel cards offer both short and long-term savings.

You get functional rebates

The cost of fuel accounts for a third of the net expenditure for operating a fleet all over the country. With the right fuel card, you can now avail various discounts and attractive rebates on per gallon of fuel. All you need to do is shop around for different service providers and check the terms and conditions for the one that suits your requirements perfectly.

Ease of tracking, monitoring, and reporting

Fuel cards usually come with an online account and smartphone apps that are used to track the expenses, purchases, usage, and stops in real-time. This means better management and tracking of the fleet, all from the ease of your home/office.

Keep tabs on expenses

You can put a cap on the net spending on a fuel card on a per day/trip basis. This ensures that the credit line is utilized safely and within limit by your drivers and truckers.

A word about the acceptance

There is one thing that you need to keep in mind, and it is about the approval of the fuel card. All cards are not universally accepted. So you need to research the service providers and thoroughly check the terms and conditions before applying. Search the right card, depending on the geographical location your fleet operates in.
Before you select a fuel card service, it is essential to do your research as minutely as possible to gain access to most of the advantages of using a fleet card. All the best.

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