Tips for Making Your Motorcycle Ride the Safest One

Tips for Making Your Motorcycle Ride the Safest Onehow to make your motorcycle riding safe, how to avoid accidents with your motorbike. Motorcycle safety

If you debate which requires more skills, riding a motorcycle or driving a car then do not doubt that balancing on two wheels and controlling motorcycles require specialized skills. Motorcycles are prone to accidents and safe riding rules supreme. To enjoy the fun and excitement of riding motorcycles without any concern for injuries, one must never compromise on safety and use proper protective gear complete with helmet, jacket, gloves, and Motocross Boots. While the helmet protects the head, protective clothing ensures the protection of the body and limbs, especially the skin that can get severely damaged during a fall or crash. The skin can sustain substantial damage because for speeds above 30 mph if your body grazes the ground, you would lose 1 mm flesh for every additional speed of 1 mph. Moreover, a motorcycle crash can be 30 times more fatal than a car crash.

To stay clear from motorcycle accidents, besides staying alert and agile, you must follow the basic motorcycle safety practices. What you should do to make your motorcycle ride more enjoyable by ensuring safety will become clear on going through this article.

Take up your gear

It is not at always necessary to be your very best when riding motorcycles because your attire must first ensure safety besides anything else. The weather might often make you feel so bad that you cannot even think about keeping your body covered from head to toe as it can make you feel uncomfortable. But then, you must consider what you value more in life – momentary comfort or safe ride. If you are not dressed up for the occasion with the proper gear, be ready to accept an impaired life after injuring yourself only if you are lucky enough to survive. Start with a helmet and move downwards to protect the body with a jacket, pant, and boots. Include a pair of glasses or goggles in the list if you use an open face helmet and do not forget to protect your hands with a pair of gloves.

Get insurance cover for your bike

You can lose or damage your bike any time, and still you and or other road users can sustain injuries in case or an accident. If you want to keep enjoying the thrilling rides for as long as you live, then getting an adequate cover for your motorcycle is necessary. LendEDU has outlined 5 of the best motorcycle insurance providers and included each company’s origin, coverages, premiums, and discounts. Also included is motorcycle insurance basics such as the typical cost of a policy, how to find the best option, types of coverage you can receive, and more.

Have a close look at the bike

Carefully inspect the bike before hitting the road.  You must go through a checklist and tick all the boxes to make sure that the tire pressure is right, the lights are working, and mirrors positioned correctly and so on. Move around the bike and check if there are any leaks or loose bolts or any possibilities of something going wrong and creating hazards. Regular maintenance should ensure that you detect defects and damages early and set it right before it can cause any harm. Timely oil changes, chain, and suspension adjustments, and keeping a close watch on tire wear and brake pad can go a long way to ensure a safe ride.

Be comfortable

After ensuring your bodily protection, you must turn to safe handling of motorcycles by choosing routes and vehicles that you are comfortable with. Never try to experiment with something that is beyond your capabilities to control. Consider the weight of the bike that must never be overbearing. If the bike seems too heavy, look for another that you feel easy to handle. How comfortably you sit on the bike makes you feel confident, and your feet must touch the ground flatly and not on tip-toes. Once seated, get a feel of the handlebars and controls to understand how easily you can reach it.

Route familiarity is a factor that allows you to focus more on safety because if you move in unknown terrains, being too much mindful about it can divert your attention from safety. Ride according to your comfort level and never try to exceed it even if you are in a group where some other riders go ahead of you.

A classic motorcycle in the streets

Stay alert

Alertness while riding is one of the most important factors to keep you safe on the road. You must have a clear mind and eyes to observe the space through which you travel. Watching the mirrors help you to note the presence of other vehicles and objects around you. You must gauge your position correctly with respect to the surroundings and keep a watch on what is happening around, especially when you are negotiating bends or taking blind turns.  Despite the assistance of mirrors to view behind your shoulder without turning your head, make it a point that you look behind by actually turning when you are changing lanes as you get a feel about how much attention other drivers are paying to you. Always double check when you are turning or changing lanes.

Pay attention to the road

Learn the technique of observing many things at a time but pay exclusive attention to the road ahead. Stay very alert about the road condition that can change in moments and be especially careful about rough stretches containing stone chips, gravel or other rough elements. Be careful about oil stains on the road or some other slippery road conditions like crossing railroad tracks or stopping at traffic lights at crossings because the paint marks at these places can turn slippery.

A motorbike rider at a high speed on a rough road, showing the need for motorcycle safety practices

Have the right frame of mind

Remember that motorcycle riding is enjoyable but stressful and you must be at peace with yourself when riding. Never ride a bike when you are mentally disturbed as it can cause accidents. Make sure that you do not feel drowsy when riding and can pay undivided attention to the road. Being angry on the road can upset your mind and be a cause for disaster.

Consider the weather

The weather can play spoilsport when you are riding, and you must be aware of the present weather conditions, including forecasts so that you do not encounter unsafe conditions. The knowledge should help to judge how safe the driving conditions would be during your travel. Poor visibility and heavy rains can strain your body and increase the risk of an accident.

Always remember that your first chance of survival is always your last, and it is better not to take chances.

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