Why you need a car seat sweat protector

Why you need a car seat sweat protector

If you are a motorist and you regularly keep fit, such as doing gym or running, the an auto seat sweat cover is a must-have apparel for your vehicle upholstery. It is an easy to install and easy to wash garment that will preserve your seats a great deal. Read on to discover the benefits of the best car seat sweat protector.


(i) It protects your auto seats from your sweat

Do you know that your sweat contains acids such as butyric, lactic and amino acids and metabolic waste such as urea, ammonia, proteins, sebum, salts, and carbs?

Well, when you just hop into your vehicle after a gym session, your sweat contributes to the deterioration of your car seat fabric in a major way. It easily percolates and is absorbed by your automobile seat cloth and stays there for as long you take to properly clean your car seat.

The acids and salts accelerate the fading and aging of your seat fabric as well as creating those disgusting ring-like appearances on the vehicle seat that compromise on decency.

(ii) Preventing bacterial growth

You now know that these seat sweat covers block sweat from reaching the car seat material.

The sweat on auto upholstery creates a favorable thriving condition for bacteria. The contents of the sweat and their metabolic reactions create a warm, moist and nourished environment that makes up all that bacteria need to thrive. With that happening, the risk of infection to you and other car users is high.

(iii) It preserves your car seat(s)

Firstly, without this car seat sweat cover, bacterial growth would accelerate the decomposition of the vehicle seat fabric.

Secondly, it is important to note that car seat sweat protectors are still auto seat covers, no less. They will keep your car seats intact and protected from other non-sweat based destructive agents such as direct sun rays, dust and dirt, and even kids and pets.

Thirdly, these covers keep the car seat clean thus helping you avoid regular clean up that would result in faster wear and tear.

(iv) Preventing awful odors

Bacterial growth and the sweat content is the root cause of that awful stench from your car seat when you don’t cover the seats. Sweat covers prevent accumulation of sweat metabolic waste and bacterial buildup.

(v) Aesthetic value

Some car seat sweat covers are cute and are a work of exceptional artisanship. Thus, besides sweat protection, they are appealing to the eye and by selecting something that matches your vehicle interior, you will be enhancing its beauty and attractiveness.

There is an amazingly wide selection of auto seat sweat protectors allowing you to pick the most suitable for your car and your interests, thereby realizing a personalized touch.

(vi) Waterproofing the car seat

A sweaty runner or gym enthusiast drinks and cools a lot and the fact is that you will be taking a drink and probably wipe your face as you drive. With the vehicle in motion, the water or beverage frequently spills on you and onto the car seat.

Luckily, most automotive seat sweat covers are made of waterproof material that prevents the fluids from spilling on your car seat. Being waterproof, they only need to wipe clean the drink that has spilled on them.

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