What to look out for in a car tar remover

What to look out for in a car tar removerhow to find the best tar remover for cars

Tar spots, though unwelcome, are always ubiquitous as long as you are driving on asphalt roads, both new and potholed ones.

You can’t help the streaks of bitumen reaching your vehicle lower parts such as the doors, fenders, bumper, grill, tires, and sometimes reaching the windshield.

The tar is oil based and thus it dries and bakes into the car clear coat and finish, making it sweat-worthy or impossible trying to remove with ordinary car wash soaps.

The best solution is a commercial car tar remover but since there are thousands out there most of them substandard, you need to know how to spot the best tar remover for car paint

Here’s are some of the issues to consider;


It may be desirable to wash off the tar stains while on the go before they harden and thus you need a conveniently packaged asphalt remover.

The fastest way is to spot clean the mess and thus the product should be in a spray bottle or come with a spray nozzle or spray can for this purpose.

Constituent ingredients

The best tar remover beats the car wash soap in soaking the bitumen spots because it has a chemical solvent or special polymer formula that emulsifies the oil in tar making it easy to glide off when you wipe it.

Therefore, check that it has these ingredients to ensure effective performance.

Non-dripping characteristic

Even though you want it to corrode the stubborn bitumen on your car, the chemicals in the tar remover may wear off other unintended surfaces of your vehicle such as plastic or glass windshield.

Thus, the asphalt cleaner needs to be a non-drip formula that won’t leak on these other car parts.

Multipurpose use

Besides tar, your car is harbored by several other sources of dirt such as grease, bugs, grime, sweat, tree sap, and so on. Each of them needs its own specific cleaning product and cleaning procedure.

However, if you were to follow this fact, then ultimate cleanliness would cost your time following each procedure and your trunk space carrying each of the different cleaners.

Fortunately, we now have multipurpose auto cleaners such as Chemical Guys CWS_104_16 Bug & Tar Heavy Duty Car Wash Shampoo, an all-in-one solution that can dissolve the tar, bugs, grease, tree sap, while cleaning dust and grime.

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