Top 5 Best Tar Remover for Cars (MUST READ before you buy) in 2023

Expert review of the best bug and tar remover for cars

As a motorist, you well know how irritating tar spots on your car paint and finish can be. The oil-based spots dry and harden on your car, defacing it and thereby degrading the class you deserve. You must also be aware of the frustration of ordinary car cleaners that only wash away dust and grime …

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The Risks of Household Bug and Tar Removers

Your car’s finish adds more to its value than anything else. You can easily add or subtract $500 from your car’s worth depending on how you clean and maintain it. A shining finish free from streaks, bugs, or scratches also boosts your claim to the crème de la crème. Out of ignorance, there are many …

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What to look out for in a car tar remover

What to look out for in a car tar remover Tar spots, though unwelcome, are always ubiquitous as long as you are driving on asphalt roads, both new and potholed ones. You can’t help the streaks of bitumen reaching your vehicle lower parts such as the doors, fenders, bumper, grill, tires, and sometimes reaching the …

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