Benefits of a car seat protector

Benefits of a car seat protectorAn automobile back seat with the best car seat protector

As a motorist, an auto seat cover is a must-have item if you want your baby to have a safe and comfortable ride in his or her baby car seat.

Contrary to the opinions in some backwater forums, the benefits of a car seat mat far outweigh these allegations as our elaborate discussion will prove.

(i) Protects your car seat from baby’s spills

If you had the choice, you would opt to have your child take nothing in the car until you reach your destination.

But this is just wishful thinking and those with kids will tell you that the child will always demand something to drink or munch. You thus have no choice but to carry some snacks and a beverage.

But the fact is that those sippy cups and milkshakes always spill and the grab crumbs are strewn all over. Without the best car seat cover the auto upholstery would end up littered and wet after every journey, requiring regular cleaning. A waterproof vehicle seat towel saves you this hassle.

(ii) Prevents damage to the auto seat

Your backseat wears out much faster when you use a baby car seat without a vehicle seat protector underneath. First, your baby’s weight on the car seat leaves near permanent indentation on the backseat fabric.

Secondly, with the automobile in motion, the continuous rubbing of the baby car seat on the vehicle seat leaves scratch marks and tears which wear out the seat leather or cloth incredibly fast.

(iii) Protects the car seat from baby’s kicks

For front facing and booster baby car seats, some car seat protectors feature front flaps that cover the front part of the back seat and guard it against the kicks of a toddler’s restless feet.

For rear-facing infant car seats, the appropriate car seat mat is long enough to cover the back seat from the child kicks. This is still an invaluable way to eliminate the need for frequent washing of the vehicle seat, wear and tear

(iv) Non-slip provision

Unlike towels, a good car seat protector features non-slip padding and straps that hold it rigidly to the back seat and prevent sliding of the baby car seat when your car is in motion or in case of an impact.

Some protectors are even textured on the underside in order to enhance the grip on the vehicle upholstery.

This is an added safety feature.

(v) Makes cleaning to be effortless

Unlike the car back seat fabric, most car seat protectors are made of a waterproof material such as plastic or vinyl.

Therefore, the spills and crumbs falling on it require simple wiping, unlike the scrubbing and vacuuming that would occasion the car seat cleaning.

Most auto seat towels are also in dark colors such that there are never visible stains.

(vi) Provides an extra space for baby items

Some car seat covers feature either one or multiple pockets that can hold baby items such as bottles, toys, and cups at close range.

The pockets can be at the front or the sides, within or without the reach of your child and you should take this into consideration when purchasing a car seat mat.

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