10 Best Baby Mirrors for a Car with no Headrest (Read this before you buy)-2023

Reviews of the best baby car mirrors (for a car with no headrest or non-adjustable headrest). A curated list of the best baby car mirrors and child car monitors for a vehicle with no headrests.

The Best Baby Car Mirror no Headrest – Reviews and Buyers’ Guide But here comes a question; How do you monitor to ascertain that the child is fine throughout the journey? Especially if you have no other adult company in the car? The fact is that there are countless distractions when you are behind the …

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Mom Smells Smoke Coming from Baby’s Car Seat, Claims Mirror is Burning a Hole

It is disheartening to learn of a mom, Amanda DeAngelis who recently reported having smelt smoke come out of her baby’s car seat allegedly due to the baby mirror’s reflection of the sun rays. A standard baby car mirror, installed and used in the right manner, should provide a number of benefits to the parent …

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