List of Recalled Car Seats in 2017

Recalled car seats in 2017

Recalled car seats have been a common occurrence in the recent years and keeping uninformed can expose you.

Crash tests by federal authorities often reveal defective parts or substandard car seats altogether, necessitating replacement of the faulty parts or full product recall.

The number of individual car seats affected is in hundreds of thousands each year, creating high chances of you being a victim.

You might be wondering how do I know if there are any recalls on my car?

Luckily, considering the risk or injury or death due to malfunctioning seats, news of car seat recalls are quickly posted by NHTSA and other regulatory authorities from where media outlets immediately relay the details.  They help you find all recalls on your car besides the baby car seat.

With big brother watching so closely, the manufacturer has no choice but to fast-track replacement and some even establish website sand links where you can check your car seat recall by model number.

Here’s the current car seat recall list.

Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seats

In June 2017, Britax Child Safety, Inc., in cooperation with NHTSA and other federal regulatory authorities, started recalling chest clips on more than 207k of specific models of B-Safe 35, B-Safe 35 Elite and BOB B-Safe 35 infant car seats manufactured between November 1, 2015, and May 31, 2017.

Defect: Although no choking injuries had been reported, safety tests revealed that the center tab on the chest clip could break creating a choking hazard to your infant in the car seat.

The defective chest clip on the recalled B-Safe 35 infant car seat
The affected chest clip

Affected Models:

B-Safe 35 & Travel Systems

Model Numbers

US: E1A183F, E1A185M, E1A185P, E1A186R, E1A203F, E1A205M, E1A205P, E1A206X, E1A206Z, E1A207E, E9LU65V, E9LU66X, E9LU66Z, E9LU67D, E9LU67E, EXA185M, S02063600, S02063700, S03803400, S03803500, S03803700, S03803800, S03803900, S04144400, S04144500, S04144600, S04145000, S04402800, S04884200, S04884300, S04975600, S04978900, S05260200, S06020300, S06020400, S06020500, S06020600, S06020700, S06020800, S06020900, S06147100, S921800

CANADA: E1A193F, E1A195M, E1A195P, E1A196X, E1A196Z, E9LV16R, E9LV17D, S04144700, S04144800, S04144900, S04183700, S04183800, S04437700, S04884400, S04884500, S06051400, S06051500, S06051600, S06051700, S06051800

ISRAEL: E1A233F, E1A235M, E1A235P, E1A236X

B-Safe 35 Elite & Travel Systems

Model Numbers

US: E1A215T, E1A215U, E1A216P, E1A221Q, E1A225C, E1A225U, E1A226L, E9LS51Q, E9LS56C, E9LS56L, E9LS57F, E9LS57G, E9LS57H, EXA216L, S01298600, S02063800, S02063900, S02064000, S04281200, S04281300, S04628500, S06018800, S06020000, S06020200, S923700

CANADA: E9LV21Q, E9LV26C, E9LV26L, E9LV27F, E9LV27G, E9LV2Q8, S01298700, S04184000, S06051300


BOB B-Safe 35 by Britax

Model Numbers

US: E9LT34A, E9LT34C, E9LT35X, EXLT34A


NOTE: This seat recall list is exclusive. Britax products with other model numbers or manufactured outside the Nov 1, 2015 and May 31, 2017 period are NOT part of the recall.  

Remedy: For a solution, Britax provides free replacement chest clip and a step-by-step guide on how to replace the clips.

If you had registered your car seat, you were to receive the replacement clip via mail. If you haven’t registered your car seat, you can do so at B-Safe 35 Recall and enter your car seat serial number. You can also contact the company at (833) 474-7016.

To find your car seat’s serial number, refer to the Date of Manufacture (DOM) label on the lower frame.

Serial number on the lower frame of the Britax B-safe 35 infant car seat
    Serial number location

Graco My Ride 65

In May 2017, Graco Children’s Products recalled more than 25,000 baby car seats because of weak harness webbing that failed crash tests.

Graco My Ride 65 convertible baby car seat

The car seat brand affected was the ‘My Ride 65′ convertible car seat, and the model numbers are

1794334       1813074       1872691        1877535

1813015        1853478       1871689       1908152

At the back of the seat, the model number and other details are on white label as seen below

Graco My Ride 65 convertible car seat model numbers

The seats were manufactured in 2014 and the webbing has the code 2014/06.

Webbing code on Graco My Ride 65 car seat

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tested the seats and discovered that the harness webbing could break in a car crash, thus leaving your child unrestrained.

Graco promised to provide free replacement harness restraints starting from July 2017.

You can reach the company at Graco Baby or 1-800-345-4109 for harness replacement.

Combi Shuttle Travel System

On May 04 2017, Combi USA and The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled the Combi Shuttle model of strollers and car seats. When used together, the stroller and car seat combo are referred to as the Combi Shuttle Travel System.

Combi Shuttle model of strollers and car seats that were recalled in 2017

Defect: Consumer Reports performed tests on samples of the travel system that involved tipping the combo forward, backward and sideways.

The car seat securely stayed in place during forward and backward tests but on tipping it sideways to the point of hitting the ground, it frequently completely detached from the frame. The detachment exposes your infant to a fall hazard in such a situation. You could use one of the best car seat protectors to prevent the sliding of the car seat but it’s better to leave the manufacturer handle his mess.

Model number: The affected model numbers were 6100027 and 6100100 labeled on the car seat base and stroller leg.

The model number on the car seat base of the recalled Combi Shuttle Travel System
The model number

The car seat and stroller combo were sold in silver (titanium) and red (red chili) colors at various online retailer sites including,, and

Remedy: For remedy, Combi committed to providing free repair consisting of straps to secure the car seat to the stroller.

You can reach the company at notifications or 1-888-232-3294.

Baby trend 3 in 1 car seat recall

In January 2017, Baby Trend recalled 34 seats of 2 models of the Hybrid 3-in-1 LX Booster were recalled.

The recalled Baby Trend Hybrid LX 3-in-1 booster car seat
Baby Trend Hybrid LX 3-in-1, Kiwi

Defect: The car seat has a center adjuster rivet that may pull through, break and detach when being used by a child weighing more than 40lbs and in the harness mode. This increases the risk of injury to your child who is now left unrestrained.

Affected model numbers:

Model No. FB48417 (Baby Trend Hybrid LX 3-in-1, Kiwi) manufactured on June 14, 2016

Serial Numbers (23 in total):

FB48224 FF 000660, FB48224 FF 000741, FB48224 FF 001233, FB48224 FF 001246, FB48224 FF 001250, FB48224 FF 001536, FB48224 FF 001539, FB48224 FF 001551, FB48224 FF 001555, FB48224 FF 001562, FB48224 FF 001573, FB48224 FF 001574, FB48224 FF 001658, FB48224 FF 001665, FB48224 FF 001726, FB48224 FF 001732, FB48224 FF 001734, FB48224 FF 001748, FB48224 FF 001799, FB48224 FF 001824, FB48224 FF 001838, FB48224 FF 001888, FB48224 FF 001892

Model No. FB58181 (Baby Trend Hybrid LX 3-in-1, Centennial) manufactured on June 23, 2016

Serial number (11 in total):

FB58251 FF 000073, FB58251 FF 000472, FB58251 FF 000515, FB58251 FF 000517, FB58251 FF 000522, FB58251 FF 000526, FB58251 FF 000527, FB58251 FF 000580, FB58251 FF 000624, FB58251 FF 000629, FB58251 FF 000632

Reported injuries: zero

The seats were 34 in total and the company committed to providing free replacement car seats to the affected customers.

A replacement can be requested through their email [email protected] or by calling 1-800-328-7363.


As a parent, Motoring Essentials Guide recommends that you register with the NHTSA website to keep updated on car seat recalls.



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