10 Tips to Increase Tire Tread Life

10 Tips to Increase Tire Tread Life

Driving a vehicle with worn-out tires can be grievous on the road. For this reason, you should ensure that your auto tires are in excellent condition at all times. You can make use of the following tips to ensure that your tires last longer and you won’t have to keep on replacing them.


1. Rotate your tires

Learn to rotate your tires so that you can extend their shelf life. Exchanging the front tires with the rear tires allows them to wear out evenly. Additionally, you can try reversing their direction so that they even out. This will improve their performance and allow you to use them for an extended period.

2. Mount your auto tires correctly

One thing that contributes to the rubber on the road getting worn out faster is the wrong installation. You need to learn or get a pro who knows how to mount them correctly to ensure that the tires will wear out evenly. One of the ideal ways to install your car tires is to match the high point of the tire to the low point of the wheel.

3. Change the tires according to the season

Unless you have all-season tires, don’t use your tires during the wrong season as this will increase their wear and tear. Most automobile tires are also designed to be used in different driving conditions. For instance, when it comes to trucks, unlike summer tires that have shallow and close tread grooves, winter tires have deeper treads that help you control your vehicle in slippery conditions. If you don’t have the best rated truck tires, when you use summer tires during winter, they end up wearing faster since the conditions are harsh.

4. Inspect the tires frequently

Inspect the car tires regularly and be on the lookout of any bulges and uneven tread wear. Additionally, ensure that you are on the lookout for any puncture on the tires. When you check the tires from time to time, you will be are likely to find out if there is any problem that needs fixing or if they need to be replaced.

5. Ensure that your tires have the proper pressure

Always check if your vehicle tires have enough pressure before you leave. Never drive your car when it has a flat over or under-inflated tire as this will accelerate its wear and tear. Measure the wheel pressure using a car tire pressure gauge for accuracy. To avoid the inconvenience of having to go to the gas station all the time for pressure, you can get yourself one of the best portable tire inflator in our review.

6. Store car tires in a cool, dry place when not in use

When you are not using the tires, ensure that you store them in a cool and dry place. Avoid storing them directly under the sun or outside in the harsh weather conditions. This is to avoid premature aging of the rubber.

7. Avoid mixing tire types

When you are installing the tires, avoid mixing two types of tires in one vehicle. Ensure that the tires that you are using are of the same design and size. When you use different types of tires, they may damage your car components since they don’t work the same.

8. Never apply heat to a wheel

Don’t be tempted to repair your vehicle wheel by yourself. If the vehicle needs any repair, it should be inspected by a professional or the wheel manufacturer. Never apply heat or weld the wheel even if it is a small problem that you think you can fix.

9. Replace your wheels if they are worn out

People assume this part and think that their worn-out tires can last them a few more weeks. This can be dangerous as you can cause an accident. Replace your wheel if it’s worn out to get one that can fit your auto tires and support your vehicle.

10. Don’t lift your tires with a crane hook at the center

When lifting the tires, avoid lifting them at the center with a crane hook as this can damage the vital bead area. Try lifting the car tire using the flat straps since they are less likely to cause abrasions and cuts.


Your vehicle needs proper maintenance and care as frequently as possible, and this should always start with your tires. Make use of some of the tips above to extend the shelf life of your tires.

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