Factors to consider when choosing a padlock

Keyed alike padlocks for multiple users

Factors to consider when choosing a padlock Selecting the right padlock for your needs is not all about cost, class, and style. Unlike a decade or two ago, they are now so many different types of locks that you can get spoilt for choice and forget your target application. These include weatherproof padlocks, combination locks, …

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Refill your car tires and reduce gas consumption

a vehicle beinmg driven with under-inflated tire that needs refilling

Refill your car tires and reduce gas consumption With the cost of gasoline going up by the day, just like millions of consumers, you must be concerned about the increasing budget that is going to fuel. Governments are also concerned about the rising greenhouse gas emissions due to our beasts on the road. The transport …

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Why You Need a Portable Car Tire Inflator

a mobile tire inflator for auto tires

Why You Need a Portable Car Tire Air Pump Driving your own car is one of the best conveniences ever. But it comes at a price; responsibility over damages and other issues. And this is the case when it comes to the vehicle tires. Most people don’t know that the rubbers on road lose pressure …

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A buyer’s guide for car tire inflator

Best Portable Air Pump for Car Tires buyer's checklist

A buyer’s guide for car tire inflator A car tire inflator or air pump lengthens your car tires’ life and makes you a safer driver. The truth is that your vehicle tires lose pressure even when they look all fine without any puncture or tear. Some subtle causes of tire pressure loss include mounting defects, …

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Top 5 Best Portable Bluray Player (Hands down the best) in 2023

Cutrip 10.1 Inch Portable Blu-Ray DISC and DVD Player, best portable blu ray player for car headrest

You’ve not been enjoying crisp clear images on your HDTV because you’ve not upgraded from DVD a blu ray disc player. What is the difference between bluray and dvd? Blu ray is an optical disc media format capable of storing HD (720p and 1080p) and UHD (2160p) data, compared to a DVD that stores standard …

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Top 10 Best Portable DVD Player for Car (MUST READ) in 2023

mobile video and audio player mounted on a car headrest

The only way to enjoy a road trip and make it less strenuous is to do something constructive. Some people may read or write but what is more enjoyable than watching your favorite clip or playing that engaging game while on the go? Videos and games keep you busy and distract you from stretching and …

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List of Recalled Car Seats in 2017

The defective chest clip on the recalled B-Safe 35 infant car seat

Recalled car seats in 2017 Recalled car seats have been a common occurrence in the recent years and keeping uninformed can expose you. Crash tests by federal authorities often reveal defective parts or substandard car seats altogether, necessitating replacement of the faulty parts or full product recall. The number of individual car seats affected is …

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10 Best Baby Car Seat Footmuffs (MUST READ) for 2021

Maxi Cosi baby car seat footmuff

Top 10 Best Baby Car Seat Footmuffs for 2021 With winter in high gear, you know that your baby should be warm and as safe as any other time of the year. And probably most of the clothes you are dressing him/her are puffy. By now you must be aware that those puffy clothes and …

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10 Best Baby Car Head and Neck Support Pillows-(Ultimate Review and Buyers’ Guide)

An image of a baby car head and neck support pillow

Best Baby Car Head and Neck Support Pillow-Reviews and Buyers’ Guide As you can agree, when carrying your baby in a car, the child’s safety has the utmost priority. That’s especially why you get the baby fastened in his own car seat. And there are tons of awesome top convertible car seats even if yours is a small …

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